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Agents of the Apocalypse CD Album


Price: $65.00

Product Code: ATAALCD

The old saying, “You can’t tell the players without a program,” originated in the early days of stadium sports before players’ names appeared on the back of their uniforms. But programs are still important in many areas of life—including the study of the end times. A varied cast of “players” will populate the playing fields of the coming seven-year Tribulation and the thousand-year Millennium. Keeping the cast of characters straight in the book of Revelation can be a challenge apart from in-depth study and correlation with the rest of Scripture. In this ten-message CD Album from the Agents of the Apocalypse series, David Jeremiah explains the roles of the most important characters soon to come upon the world stage as he explores and explains the key end-time players in the book of Revelation. 10 CD's