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Where to Go in the Bible When…


Price: $10.00

Product Code: WTGBK

The best way to know what people need help with today is by surveying the thousands of books in the “Self Help” category of online booksellers. People have questions and they want answers! But whose answers can you trust? No author knows us, our questions, and our needs better than our Creator-God. And that is one of the purposes of the Bible—to provide God’s answers to life’s never-ending questions. To help you find your way to the answers you seek, Turning Point has produced Where to Go in the Bible When . . . . It’s not a replacement for the Bible but a guide to the Bible. In this resource you will find scriptural answers for many of life’s hardest questions, in this convenient topical guide. All the information is arranged under subheadings: Questions about adversity, direction, Christian life, and others. If you have questions, find your answers in the Bible—with the help of Where to Go in the Bible When . . . . 92 Topics More than 700 Scripture references 272 pages