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God Loves You: He Always Has—He Always Will, Study


Price: $10.00

Product Code: GLYSG

Love is one of the most written-about subjects in all of human history. Poems, songs, odes, plays, movie scripts, novels, even psychological and scientific treatises, have all focused on love. And the Bible is no exception. Love is mentioned hundreds and hundreds of times in different contexts in Scripture, exploring all of the different dimensions. But the Bible offers one truth about love that is found nowhere else in the world’s literature: a benchmark for love. Not a definition, but a way to measure love-a way to compare it to something permanent and perfect. Without such a benchmark, love is left to the whims of human feelings and desires. In such a case, love can change with circumstances and our response to them. We need an anchor for love-a timeless way to thing about love that can shape our actions and resist the pressure of culture. This study guide focuses on 10 different dimensions of love as manifested by the God who is love. Because God is infinite and inexhaustible, so is true love. But the 10 dimensions of love revealed in this guide are core aspects to the kind of love that sacrifices itself for the benefit of others. Loyal, unconditional, eternal love.