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Courage to Conquer Study Guide


Price: $10.00

Product Code: CTCSG

History is full of heroes who chose freedom over safety. Rather than give in to those who sought to steal their God-given rights to life and liberty, they fought for freedom. Dr. Jeremiah introduces you to some of the Bible’s greatest heroes—David, Paul, Joshua, Habukkuk, Isaiah, and three young Hebrew men who stared down one of history’s most notorious kings. Dr. David Jeremiah teachers how, with God’s help and guidance, we too can exhibit and possess the Courage to Conquer. Ten chapters including: Courage When Fear Dominates You Courage When Faith Deserts You Courage When Frustration Distresses You Courage When Foes Demoralize You Courage When Your Future Depresses You Courage When Failure Defeats You Courage When Friends Disappoint You Courage When Fatigue Drains You