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Agents of Babylon Study Guide


Price: $10.00

Product Code: AOBSG

Daniel, a young man taken as a captive to Babylon in 605 B.C., didn’t think of himself as a prophet until God began speaking to him in dreams, visions, and wise understandings that came true. Some things he prophesied came true in his lifetime and shortly after he died, which gives us great confidence about those prophecies yet to be fulfilled. Daniel’s prophecies were delivered to and through a cast of characters that Dr. David Jeremiah calls, “the agents of Babylon.” The agents were kings and rulers, royal counselors, animals, angels both good and evil, and inanimate objects like trees and statues. All play a part in the unfolding story of Daniel in Babylon. In Agents of Babylon, Pastor Jeremiah introduces the agents and the role they played in the most exciting prophetic book in the Old Testament. As prophecy after prophecy of Daniel is fulfilled during and shortly after his lifetime, our confidence grows that the remaining prophecies God gave him will be fulfilled in the future. This 144-page study guide complements the book, Agents of Babylon, and offers an outline, content overview, applications questions, and informative Did You Know section for each lesson. Twelve Chapters including: The Hostage, The Insomniac, The Colossus, The Fire Men, The Wolf-Man, The Fingers of God, The Lion King, The Conqueror, The Madman, The Herald, The Archangel, The End