Ten Questions Christians Are Asking

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Aired Sunday, July 7

Is There Only One Way to God?

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Many people ask if there is only one way to God. Learn why there is only “one name” by which we can be saved—it is the name of Jesus.

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Ten Questions Study Set
Ten Questions Study Set

Heavenly Encouragement

Ten Questions Study Set

Find answers to your important questions about the Bible and enjoy a new, confident perspective for living in times of uncertainty.

Having questions does not mean you have a lack of faith. Dr. Jeremiah created the Ten Questions Christians Are Asking resources to address ten topics that concern many Christians today.

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What is Faith?
What is Faith?

Is There Only One Way to God?

What is Faith?

Ten Questions Christians Are Asking is your opportunity to become confident of your answers to essential questions in your Christian walk as Dr. Jeremiah reveals biblical truth with clarity and assurance.

Develop and deepen your faith in God as you turn your question marks into exclamation points of praise—knowing He is in control, regardless of how any situation may appear.

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A Resource From Turning Point in Partnership with GraceLaced!

Custom I AM Inspiration Cards

Your heart will be encouraged each time you turn your attention to this beautiful set of inspiration cards, created exclusively for Turning Point in partnership with Ruth Chou Simons, the bestselling and award-winning author, speaker, and talented artist.

As you tune into Dr. Jeremiah’s new I AM series, these custom I AM Inspiration Cards will surely inspire and encourage you to know the Savior. Each watercolor card is perfect for hanging on your refrigerator, tucking in your Bible, or framing to create an inspiring gallery wall. This set also makes a thoughtful gift for anyone to serve as a daily reminder of the Savior’s most powerful and visual statements about Himself!

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Custom I AM Inspiration Cards
Jesus Said, I am the Light of the World - Turning Point’s International Impact

Bringing the Light of Christ to the Darkest Place on Earth

Turning Point’s International Impact

Choosing who we reach, how we reach them, and with what message is a massive undertaking! Take a fascinating look at what it takes to deliver the unchanging Word of God to our ever-changing world by exploring the labor-intensive details that are required to fulfill our God-given mission to provide the message of salvation to all the corners of the globe.

Did you know that Turning Point airs 96 different foreign language series on radio and 90 different foreign language series on television each year! With more than 7,000 languages spoken globally, Turning Point’s presence in 16 languages signifies the beginning of our vast outreach endeavor. When combined, the languages that Turning Point currently broadcasts in has the potential to reach 63% of the world!

As we continue to expand our radio, television, and digital outreach in various languages, we invite you to witness the impact firsthand. We want you to be a part of it all!

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Insights and Inspiration to Deepen Your Walk with Jesus

Ruth Chou Simons on Faith and Art

Join Grace Anne Baker, granddaughter of David Jeremiah, in a soul-stirring interview with Ruth Chou Simons, where they explore Ruth's remarkable artistry, unwavering faith, and life's calling. Discover valuable insights from Ruth's journey and inspirational anecdotes that reveal how God's grace weaves through everyday life, all while showcasing the beautiful I AM Inspiration Cards she created in partnership with Turning Point! This heartfelt dialogue will uplift and encourage you in your Christian journey.

Don't miss the opportunity to be inspired and renewed in your faith—watch the full interview now!

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Keep the Faith in a World Turned Upside Down

Whatever comes your way…God will hold you up!

Keep the Faith in a World Turned Upside Down

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The Heart of a Missionary

Over 40 Years of Bible Strong Teaching and So Much More!

The Heart of a Missionary

Celebrate over four decades of Bible Strong teaching with TurningPoint+, your ultimate streaming destination for engaging and enlightening content. Immerse yourself in a vast library of audio and video resources featuring more than 1,400 teachings—readily available on your favorite devices.

Explore popular playlists such as "The Heart of a Missionary." Like it or not, dark forces in our world are hard at work attacking and trying to deceive believers. Learn how to arm yourself with the power of God’s Word, rightly identify the source of evil, and overcome it in this collection of messages.

With a captivating array of teachings and soul-stirring messages, TurningPoint+ offers unparalleled access to timeless biblical insight. Unleash the power of Bible Strong teaching and venture into all the compelling series available when you start streaming TurningPoint+ today!

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Christian Legacy Planning Organizer


Christian Legacy Planning Organizer

As believers, it's essential to plan for our future legacy to reflect our faith and values. Our free Christian Legacy Planning Organizer offers biblical insights and practical advice on how to allocate assets, manage finances, and make provisions for loved ones.

While long-term planning might feel daunting, it's a form of worship and trust in God. By creating a comprehensive estate plan aligned with our Christian beliefs, we can ensure a lasting impact on future generations. Take the first step today and download our guide to create a legacy that honors God and blesses loved ones.

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Do You Know God...Really? - How to Become a Christian

Do You Know God...Really?

Become a Christian Today

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