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Aired Sunday, March 24

Relentless Determination

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Life is full of setbacks, disappointments, and hard work. Many people no longer know how to keep going without faltering, and a lot of folks take the path of least resistance, But when the power of God gives us everything we need for a godly life, we have the capacity to develop perseverance. It's one of Peter's eight core character qualities, listed in 2 Peter 1:3-8. Perseverance requires trusting God, but it yields maturity. There are important steps we can take as we develop perseverance, but the entire process depends on keeping our eyes on Jesus.

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Everything You Need Set
Everything You Need Set

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Everything You Need Set

It’s time to unpack all that God has given you. You’ve been equipped for the journey. Now live with confidence. It’s time to harness the power of eight essentials that will revolutionize your journey!

Dig deeper into all that God has given you with the help of David Jeremiah’s study set Everything You Need—including the complete message series on your choice of DVD or CD, book, study guide, and more!

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Share the Hope of Easter

Season of Hope provides an opportunity for personal devotion, family engagement, group readings, or as a thoughtful gift.

Let this book guide you and those you love through the Easter season, strengthening your faith and deepening your understanding of this pivotal time in history. Join the journey to experience the power of the Resurrection like never before!

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An Incredible Tool to Help Christians Grow in their Faith

Your Greatest Turning Point

Your Greatest Turning Point is an incredible tool to help new Christians grow in faith and so much more! It will instruct both new and seasoned believers to learn to pray with power and enhance their Bible study time. This handy resource will guide anyone to share their faith and reach out in confidence to lost loved ones, friends, and neighbors with the hope of Christ! Your Greatest Turning Point includes, How to Know Jesus as Your Savior, First Steps of Faith, a Scripture Reference Guide, and five new videos from Dr. Jeremiah linked through convenient QR codes or on the Turning Point website:

  • Meet Jesus
  • Find Others Who Know Jesus
  • Learn to Live Like Jesus
  • Talk With Jesus
  • Grow in Your Relationship With Jesus

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Your Greatest Turning Point
Million March Mission

You're invited to be a part of our

Million March Mission

We are striving to reach 1 million souls with the Gospel in the month of March...and prayerfully, lead as many as possible to the throne of grace, to repentance, to forgiveness, to salvation. The hope of Jesus is needed now. His grace, mercy, and love are the only answers in our day. And His truth alone will overcome the divisiveness and suffering.

But we need your strong support now to help us reach this goal. Join us in our mission to connect as many people as possible with the hope of Jesus through a Turning Point ministry resource. We don’t do this work for the sake of numbers...but for the sake of souls—your lost family members, friends, and neighbors—those flailing about in the dark, while the light remains just out of reach.

The light is Christ! We know His is the truth that dispels darkness! Join us on the mission to share Him now boldly!

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Join our Digital Scavenger Hunt & Build a Hope Habit

Finding Hope in Every Season

Have you noticed how, after buying a new vehicle, you suddenly see it everywhere? This simple truth reminds us that we find what we look for. So, why don’t we apply this principle more intentionally to our spiritual life?

We can spend hours engaged in political, economic, and social news, a habit so prevalent it’s been termed “doomscrolling.” Yet, in contrast, many of us dedicate only a few minutes to searching for the ultimate hope we find in Jesus Christ. It’s time to change our habits and focus on “setting our minds on things ABOVE!” (Colossians 3:2)

As we approach Easter, a season of hope, we want to inspire you to build this habit and seek out hope a little more often! In the days ahead, we’ll issue a series of short, inspirational challenges. Simply search through your Turning Points Magazine, your daily email devotion, and most importantly, your Bible to uncover specific reasons for hope. Everyone is invited to join this “digital scavenger hunt” for hope, and the best part is you can start now!

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Finding Hope in Every Season
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A special new series for young adults - Passages Presents: Discover Your Calling

A special new series for young adults

Passages Presents: Discover Your Calling

Easter Gift Guide

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Easter Gift Guide

Easter provides an excellent opportunity for Christians to share their faith with others. By focusing on the central message of the holiday—the resurrection of Jesus Christ—they can share the ultimate message of hope and redemption with people of all backgrounds and belief systems.

This Easter, give the gift of hope and create moments that resonate with those closest to you. Engage deeply with the Good News of Christ's death, burial, and resurrection with David Jeremiah's NEW book, Season of Hope! Discover what the Bible says, what it means, and what it means for you with The Jeremiah Study Bible! Or take your child or grandchild on a captivating journey that will kindle their excitement for the Word of God with Airship Genesis: Legendary Bible Adventure!

Dive into these compelling resources and more, all crafted to nurture a period of deep reflection, spiritual growth, and precious connections with your family and friends this Easter. Plus, enjoy free shipping on all orders to make your Easter celebration even more special. Discover the perfect resources to enrich your celebration with our Easter Gift Guide.

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Claiming Faith, Finding Freedom

Celebrate over four decades of Bible Strong teaching with TurningPoint+, your ultimate streaming destination for engaging and enlightening content. Immerse yourself in a vast library of audio and video resources featuring more than 1,400 teachings—readily available on your favorite devices.

Explore popular playlists such as "Claiming Faith, Finding Freedom." Like it or not, dark forces in our world are hard at work attacking and trying to deceive believers. Learn how to arm yourself with the power of God’s Word, rightly identify the source of evil, and overcome it in this collection of messages.

With a captivating array of teachings and soul-stirring messages, TurningPoint+ offers unparalleled access to timeless biblical insight. Unleash the power of Bible Strong teaching and venture into all the compelling series available when you start streaming TurningPoint+ today!

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Claiming Faith, Finding Freedom
Standing Strong

Teaching the World to Face the Challenges of Our Time by Trusting in God!

It’s Time to Stand Strong!

In these challenging days, our options are to trust in God and His ways, or give up in defeat. In Him, we have all we need to not only survive, but thrive. In Him, we have every bit of hope, courage, faith, and purpose we need to move forward—and live our lives as an active testimony to who He is and what He can do!

This is why Turning Point is embarking on this powerful, encouraging, and deeply evangelistic campaign: STAND STRONG. To bring hope. To shine the love of Christ. To empower you, those you love, and people everywhere to put on the full armor of God and march into battle!

We are ready to Stand Strong! We are ready to see victory! We are ready to claim the promises of God now, tomorrow, and for all eternity.

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