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A Resurrection of Hope

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Luke's account of the disciples' encounter on the road to Emmaus tends to be overshadowed by the drama of the Easter story. Find out why Dr. David Jeremiah believes it’s one of the Bible’s most compelling proofs for the evidence of Christ’s resurrection.

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Living Fearlessly in a Scary World
Living Fearlessly in a Scary World

Discover Unshakable Hope

Living Fearlessly in a Scary World

At some point in our lives, all of us will find ourselves at the end of our rope, facing the storms of life: utter failure, financial collapse, debilitating illness, or heartbreaking loss. In Hope, David Jeremiah explores each of these life-shattering scenarios and shows how a simple and profound trust in God can be the steady anchor for our souls.

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What Are You Afraid Of?

Tackle Nine of Life’s Greatest Fears

When you request the Living Fearlessly Set, not only will you receive Hope: Living Fearlessly in a Scary World, but you will also receive Dr. Jeremiah’s complete What Are You Afraid Of? teaching series on CD or DVD, digital access to the teaching series, and a correlating study guide for personal or group study.

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From Living With Confidence in a Chaotic World

From Living With Confidence in a Chaotic World

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Turning Points Magazine & Devotional

Turning Points Magazine & Devotional

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Beginning April 11 on Weekend Television

How do we stay confident when every day is filled with what feels like an endless stream of bad news?

We can’t just turn it all off. Simply running away or ignoring it is not an option.

This world can feel erratic, unsteady, and irrational at times. But in moments of uncertainty, God’s people can remain stable, steady, and consistent. The secret to experiencing this kind of otherworldly confidence is to live consistently in our walk with God and the light of His good news.

Discover how to live with confidence in this chaotic world, beginning April 11 on Turning Point Weekend Television.

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The Seven Signs of Easter

According to Dr. David Jeremiah, “If a person doesn’t understand the Resurrection, or doesn’t believe in the Resurrection, it’s very difficult to come to grips with the power of the Gospel.” But how do we know Christ’s Resurrection is a credible event from history? Can it be supported by evidence?

The testimony of the soldiers who guarded Jesus’ tomb, the broken seal on the sepulcher, the displaced stone, the empty tomb, Jesus’ burial shroud and scarred body, and numerous sightings of Jesus after the crucifixion all provide incontrovertible evidence of His resurrection. Journey with David Jeremiah through the account of Easter morning as described in the Gospels, and study the evidence of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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The Seven Signs of Easter


PassagesTV Evangelism for Young Adults

The Bible has a lot to say about evangelism, but what does it mean for young adults today? Many people don’t believe in God at all, or they find it offensive when we say there is only one way to know Him. How can we engage our culture—our friends— with a 2,000-year-old message?

In the latest PassagesTV episode, David Todd Jeremiah sits down with Dr. David Wheeler, a professor from the John W. Rawlings School of Divinity at Liberty University, to discuss these questions and more.

PassagesTV is a community of young adults who are passionate about pursuing Jesus Christ through life’s everyday adventures. Join us as we tackle some of the most pressing questions young people face today and chase after what it means to follow Jesus.

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A Turning Point Exclusive

Watch the Brand-New Interview with David Jeremiah

In his new book, Dr. David Jeremiah invites you to walk more closely with Jesus while opening his heart with detailed information about the dearest Person in his life. Now you can learn more about the book and his new teaching series through this conversation with another dear person in his life—his son and Turning Point COO, David Michael Jeremiah.

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Curious About Christianity?

Curious About Christianity?

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Has Turning Point Helped You Make Sense of It All?

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