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July 17, 2018

The First Resurrection in the Bible (Pt. 2)

When you think of the word “resurrection,” you probably picture Jesus rising from the tomb. That’s certainly the most important one, but there are others in the Bible as well. Dr. David Jeremiah returns to the book of First Kings for a resurrection that involved the prophet Elijah.


Someone Like You

Prepare to be amazed at how much you have in common with this prophet of God as we study the life of Elijah.


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Overcomer Tour with Dr. David Jeremiah

Overcomer Tour with Dr. David Jeremiah

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These are the Days of Elijah

How God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things

These Are the Days of Elijah

Can you be proud but righteous? Cowardly but strong? Tested but blessed? Elijah was. God can and will use you for His glory!

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Not Me, Not You, But Us

The World of Turning Point

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These Are the Days of Elijah

The Overlooked Prophet

When it comes to biblical literacy, one person whose life seems to be consistently overlooked is the prophet Elijah. Even non-believers can talk intelligently about the lives of Moses or David, but ask a Christian about the history of Elijah and you’ll often come up with a blank stare.

How can such an important man be ignored?

Well for one, his origins are a mystery. We know nothing about his parents or family history. He also had a very peculiar appearance that makes him an unusual character. And his ability to cause droughts, raise the dead, and call down fire from the heavens makes him someone that can be hard for us to relate to.

It is much easier for us to identify with a man like Peter, who–although he loved and served Jesus Christ–always seemed to be putting his foot in his mouth or doing the exact opposite of what he should have been doing. We can all relate to someone like that.

But it’s hard for us to self-identify with the great miracle worker and prophet of fire, Elijah.

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Visit the land of the Bible

Visit the land of the Bible

Join Dr. and Mrs. Jeremiah for a tour of Israel

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The Jeremiah Study Bible

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Becoming a Christ Follower

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