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The Sheltering God FREE Tract

The Sheltering God offers inspiring, biblical wisdom for living in God’s Word during a crisis.

This resource highlights God’s faithfulness to numerous people throughout Scripture. The same God who cared for Noah, Moses, Daniel, and the disciples cares for us!

There is no occurrence in our life that is outside the scope and vision of God’s loving hand. The Sheltering God reminds us of the unchanging God who is our refuge, our strength, and our hope.

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Shelter in God CD Set

When people ask, Where is God during these chaotic days, Dr. Jeremiah responds that He is right here. He is the fortress we can run to whenever we feel frustrated, uncertain, or afraid. He will always be enough.

As you read Shelter in God, you will learn how to shelter in His presence even as you shelter in place.

The set includes:

  • The Shelter in God book
  • The When Your World Falls Apart study guide
  • The When Your World Falls Apart message series on CD
  • The Sheltering God tract
  • A special bonus DVD: “Where Is God in This Pandemic?”
Dr. David Jeremiah

About Dr. David Jeremiah

David Jeremiah has been one of America’s most trusted Bible teachers for more than 37 years. Each day he helps millions of people deepen their understanding of the Bible through daily Turning Point Radio and Television programs around the globe.

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