Our new Turning Point app will reach adults; our Airship Genesis mobile game will reach youth and children. Together, we can reach the world!

New Turning Point Mobile App for iOS Devices

New Turning Point Mobile App

Turning Point Mobile App

Now available on iOS, Android, and Fire OS

• Watch and listen to Dr. Jeremiah's messages offline (no data usage!).

• Newly redesigned app for a more customized and streamlined experience

• New "Today" screen provides an at-a-glance overview of everything happening at Turning Point

• and much more!

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Pathway to Jesus Mobile Game

Turning Point Mobile App

The Genesis Exploration Squad is lost in a Pathway to the the past—you’ve got to figure out where they are, fix the Airship Genesis, and reunite the squad! The Airship Genesis: Pathway to Jesus mobile game for kids is available now in both the Apple and Google app stores.

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Available for Android and Apple devices!

Pathway to Jesus - Airship Genesis Mobile App
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