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August 2022 Issue

Develop the Discipline to RISE ABOVE

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Online Exclusive: From This Point Forward

Sticks & Stones

The respected author, Gordon MacDonald, tells how a rebuke from a friend saved him thousands of times over—from hurting others and making a fool of himself. He was in Japan on (ironically) a speaking tour with a close personal friend of his, a man several years his senior....

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Identify the Man of Our Measure

Rise Above Mediocre Expectations We spend a lot of life figuring out if we “measure up,” a phrase someone coined in the mid-1800s. Even in childhood, we begin comparing ourselves with siblings and kids at school, and it never seems to stop....

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This Month's Magazine Resource

Christ Above All

Today there are thousands of ideas about the person of Jesus Christ, but only one Book has it right—the Bible. In this new book by Dr. Jeremiah, Christ Above All, he goes verse by verse through Colossians to help you come to better know who Jesus is theologically and how to live in light of this.

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Today's Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah

Years ago, a man in the cemetery business was also a lay evangelist....

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