The World of Turning Point

The World of Turning Point

We can't expect you to know everything!

But we'd like to try.

We want to know you better and want you to know us better, too! So, we do our best to show you what we are all about by coming to you with solid Bible teaching through your home or car radio, television, computer, phone, and printed materials. Tune in or read more and you’ll know our heart and our mission!

And we do our best to know you! It would be impossible for the entire Turning Point team to shadow you for a day so we could get better acquainted with who you are, what you do, and how you manage to accomplish all you do. (Can you imagine how surprised you’d be if we all showed up at your house on buses…for lunch?)

However, though we may have never met, we know a few things about you. You love studying the Word of God. You place a priority on solid Bible teaching. You value practical and inspirational Bible study resources. And because you have engaged with us through your personal stewardship, you have a passion for the Great Commission!

We’re a perfect match!

But have you ever noticed that just when you think you know everything there is to know about someone or something, you discover there is so much more to know? It happens all the time!

Let’s fix that.

We’d like to give you a further look behind the scenes at Turning Point to help you understand why YOU are so important to what we do here—and how Turning Point is not just ME, or YOU, but US.

The world of Turning Point is growing every day. Together, we have the opportunity to reach the world as never before. We can’t do it alone. We can do so much more together.

Let's Do This!

Delivering the unchanging Word of God to an ever-changing world!



Radio 8 languages in 172 countries
Television 5 languages reaching 172 countries
Web & Digital Media 2.1 million page views/month
Social Media 1.3 million followers
Email Devotions 429,000 subscribers
Turning Points Magazine 340,000 subscribers
Live Events 19,000 attendees
Mobile App Downloads 902,000 downloads
...the unchanging Word of God...

...the unchanging Word of God...


WRITTEN: over a 1,500-year period

DISTRIBUTION: 168,000 Bibles either sold or given away per day, just in the US

SALES: 50 Bibles are sold every minute

RECORDS: The world’s best-selling book and the world’s most shoplifted book an ever-changing world! an ever-changing world!

Primary Device Used to Access

Primary Device Used to Access

  44% Smartphones
  36% Desktop Computers
  20% Tablets

69% of Americans use social media

69% of Americans use social media

Turning Point reaches more than 30 million people on social media

This is our mission statement. And we believe this mission is possible! What’s impossible is for us to do this without you! The statistics reveal why we feel we believe we have a great calling to an urgent need. We believe that time is of the essence to reach our world with the Gospel. Our delivery schedule for 2018 is quite demanding, but we are up for the challenge.

How about you?

Just What It Takes

It occurred to us you might not know how we do what we do. (After 36 years, we’re still getting the hang of it ourselves!)

It also occurred to us that if you knew what it takes to do what we do, you might see how important you are to this organization.

Perhaps you’ve produced a television or radio program, built your own website, scripted and shot a video series, created a magazine, or written a book. But if you haven’t, you might find it interesting to understand the time, talent, and treasures that must be poured into Turning Point’s delivery system!

In Living Color!

Point the remote and click…there’s Turning Point on your television!

Each week we deliver a one-hour and one half-hour program to the world! We’re all about solid Bible teaching creatively packaged in a way that you, and a searching non-believer, would find interesting enough to stop and watch! Here’s what that program takes to come to you in living color!

In Living Color

Preached: Message by Dr. Jeremiah
Projection—12 months out: Programming schedule determined
Planning—6 months out: Message transcription & editing, product development
Production—4 months out: Creative vision & direction, show open creative, product spots, long-form program build-out
Post-Production—1 month out: Proof, create specific versions, closed-captioning, delivery to networks
On-air broadcast

We take this process very seriously. From the pulpit to the production to the on-air program, we invest our time, money, and staff into television because souls are being saved. More than 2.9 million are watching each week in the United States alone, and a potential 2.8 billion households worldwide have access to Turning Point Television each Sunday.

20:27 On Your Dial

Acts 20:27 broadcasting

That’s what we’ve been doing for 36 years!

We hope you’ve noticed, but we are a “whole counsel of God” radio program. In other words, we don’t selectively produce hot topic-programming to garner a quick buck or a band wagon-following. The issues of the day do not dictate our programming. We believe if we study the complete teachings in the Bible, the issues of the day will be addressed!

Around here, we feel studying the book of Esther is just as important as studying the topic of spiritual warfare. We believe the lessons in Galatians are just as vital as the ones learned from Revelation. And we have seen God touch the hearts of people from broadcasting a series on Job as well as the Gospel of John.

That’s how we roll on radio! And that is where it is not just ME, or YOU, but US!

Bible Strong Partners give us financial freedom to air series that are “hot topics with high financial impact,” as well as “not so hot topics with high spiritual impact.”. Support can be sluggish on the “not so hot topic” series’, but we don’t hesitate to air them because we know God will bless this commitment to teach the whole counsel of God. As we broadcast teaching that is important to spiritual growth, the ongoing support of our ministry partners makes it possible as they support us in that determination.

We’re glad we are on Acts 20:27 broadcasting together!

Here's what it is going to take to create Acts 20:27 broadcasting in 2018:

Acts 20:27 broadcasting

  Programming schedule: 12 months out

  Pre-production: 6 months out

  Study guide materials: 5 months out

  Production: 3 months out

  Dr. Jeremiah in studio: 2 months out

Periodically In Process

Turning Points Devotional Magazine has a circulation of approximately 340,000 readers each month. From concept to delivery each issue takes five months to create. That’s right, at any given time we are in a different production stage for five issues of Turning Points:

5 months out
4 months out
3 months out
Source Checking
2 months out
Copy Flow
1 month out
That’s what it takes to deliver the inspirational content that comes your way in Dr. Jeremiah’s Turning Points Devotional Magazine. Not only is this monthly resource coming to your home, but to thousands of others including people in senior living centers, homeschoolers, Bible study groups, and many prisoners who use this magazine as their personal Bible study.

Using Our Words

“Why do you create so many Bible study products?”

We get this question a lot.

The answer is simple: people come to Turning Point for trusted Bible teaching and solid, biblically-based resources.

If you are a student of the Word, you most likely follow Turning Point. And a few things we’ve learned about our Bible students is that they love receiving, devouring, teaching, and then sharing good Bible study products. That’s what you do!

And that’s why we do what we do.

Not just any resource can make the Turning Point brand. To qualify, it must meet the following criteria:

Practical Teaching

Practical Teaching

Biblically Sound

Biblically Sound

Evergreen Content

Evergreen Content

Creatively Packaged

Creatively Packaged







Cause And Affect

You might ask, "What's Turning Point's cause?"

Everyone has a cause nowadays—and cause-based ministries are so important in a world that seems to journey through time on stepping-stones of disaster. There are so many ministries dedicated to aiding disaster relief, feeding the hungry, building churches, digging wells, delivering water, providing medical services, and the list goes on.

Though we support, pray for, and believe in what others are doing to relieve the pain in this world, we are very clear about our “cause calling:”

  • Our cause is leading people to Jesus Christ.
  • Our cause is strengthening the Body of Christ through solid Bible teaching and Bible study resources.
  • Our cause is to reach people with the Gospel in their own languages and customs.
  • Our cause is encouraging aging saints who are not able to attend their local churches with spiritual comfort through radio, television, and the Internet.
  • Our cause is reaching into our nation’s prisons and providing spiritual strength to inmates who have made a commitment to follow Jesus.
  • Our cause is to be there for that divine appointment when a hurting soul is driving down the freeway and finds the hope of salvation through our radio program.
  • Our cause is to provide programming that is appealing to those who don’t know Jesus and are searching for spiritual guidance.
  • Our cause is to reach children with compelling Bible teaching and resources that makes learning Bible truths as fun, exciting, and powerful as what secular entertainment offers them.
  • Our cause is to point as many people as possible to God and His Word with the time we have left on this earth.
  • Our cause is to develop Turning Point to be a vital delivery service for the Gospel for years and years to come!

We can’t be there for every cause, but this is the cause in which God has called us to focus—a focus we believe will affect eternity.

Not Me, Not You, But Us!

After reading the last few pages, do you see why Turning Point needs you? Us?

Our mission is clear! Our calling is great! Our cause is eternal! And our partnership could be profound!

Want to put a huge dose of meaning into 2018? Be a Bible Strong Partner this year! What we do in the coming months will impact eternity, and we can’t think of any item on a to-do list that could be more important.

Here are just five of the many things a Bible Strong Partnership does for the mission and ministry of Turning Point:

  • 1

    Financial Stability: We can count on you! Your faithful giving allows us the freedom to teach the whole counsel of God and gives us the financial platform on which we can plan our broadcasts.

  • 2

    Partnership in Ministry: We change the world together! Working hand-in-hand we are delivering the Gospel to places around the globe. We are able to go further together—that’s why your support is so important to our mission.

  • 3

    Spiritual Support: We encourage each other! Your financial support and prayers mean the world to us! And we trust we are pouring back into you, strengthening your walk with God as we provide Bible programming and resources.

  • 4

    Mission: We have a heart for the hurting! Bible Strong Partners financially undergird special projects at Turning Point by providing Bible study resources for people in other countries, prisons, those without financial means, and those seeking spiritual guidance and salvation.

  • 5

    Prepare for the Future: We are investing in future generations! Because of your support, what we create today can outlive us all and impact eternity. We are ready for the delivery systems of the future, and because of your help we will reach generations to come with the Gospel and with sound Bible teaching!

Not Me, Not You, But Us!

Not ME, not YOU, but US! That’s how Bible Strong Partners works. Delivering the unchanging Word of God to an ever-changing world is what we do. And now you know just how we do it!

Let’s do this together!

Let’s put greater meaning in 2018!

David Jeremiah


Yes, I'd like to become a Bible Strong Partner Let's do this!

Turning Point

Delivering the unchanging Word of God to an ever-changing world.

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