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Today's Devotion: The Labyrinth of Life

The Krubera Cave in the Arabika Massif is one of the world’s largest caves. It’s so deep, so beautiful, and so complex that only skilled cavers can descend to its subterranean depths. It contains rivers, lakes, springs, and pits descending deep into the earth—a labyrinth of wonder, filled with deadly charms.

The same God who created the intricate interiors of earth also designed the mysterious blueprint of our life. Sometimes the mysteries appear deep and dark. But when we give our life to Christ, it’s as though a switch is flipped on, flooding the way with light. The Lord knows every twist and turn, every rock and river. When we don’t know the way, we needn’t worry. He does, and He will lead us. Even the darkness will become light around us.

This is the theme of Psalm 139—the Lord knows the way through the labyrinth of life. Our finite minds will never fully grasp God’s complex blueprints, but as we seek His will, He will lead us.

How precious also are thy thoughts, O gracious God, to me! And in their sum how passing great and numberless they be!
The Scottish Metrical Psalter (Psalm 139:17)

Complete audio message as heard at Shadow Mountain Community Church

The Beast From the Sea

Complete audio message as heard at Shadow Mountain Community Church

History is full of the accounts of presumptuous leaders who perpetrated "crimes against humanity" for the sake of their own agendas. But no prior leader will compare, in arrogance or evil, with the soon to come Antichrist who will eventually rule the world with an iron fist. Covers Revelation 13 plus selected Scriptures.

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