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Why the Nativity? Official Soundtrack
The Decree 3:13
A Match Made in Heaven 2:47
Promise of the Messiah 3:59
Messenger 3:08
Little Town 1:39
Starstruck Odyssey 2:00
All Peoples 2:42
Royal Spectacle 1:57
A Watchful Eye 3:29
Why the Nativity Theme 2:30

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Stories from the filming of Why the Nativity?

The beautiful layers of what God has woven together in bringing this film to the world are genuinely remarkable and multifaceted. From unexpected encounters with the Lord that actor’s on set experienced to faith-affirming moments in time, these stories paint a much broader picture of what Why the Nativity? is truly about and how this film has directly impacted those who have worked together to bring it to life.

Read this engaging collection of authentic accounts, experiences, and takeaways from the cast and crew written during the filming of Why the Nativity?

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