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Living in the Age of Signs

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Sign 19
1. Israel
2. Europe
3. Russia
4. Babylon
5. America
6. Materialism
7. Immorality
8. Radical Islam
9. Persecution
10. Spiritual Warfare
11. Apathy
12. Rapture
13. Resurrection
14. Heaven
15. Judgment Seat of Christ
16. Rewards
17. Worship
18. Four Riders
19. Antichrist
20. False Prophet (Apr. 24th)
21. Martyrs (Apr. 26th)
22. 144,000 (Apr. 30th)
23. Two Witnesses (May. 2nd)
24. Dragon (May. 7th)
25. Mark of the Beast (May. 9th)
26. Armageddon (May. 14th)
27. Return of the king (May. 16th)
28. Millennium (May. 20th)
29. Great White Throne Judgement (May. 22nd)
30. New Heaven and New Earth (May. 24th)
31. Holy City (May. 28th)


False Prophet

Apr. 24th


Apr. 26th

Today's Audio Devotion: Are Your Pots Holy?

Even the most basic duties of life—like cooking a meal or washing the dishes—should be an act of holiness, for our entire lives are to be characterized by purity, reverence, service, and a desire to glorify God in all we do. How can we cultivate such a holy lifestyle?

Nothing will bring holiness to our lives like studying God’s Word. Psalm 119, the longest chapter of the Bible, reveals the change that comes over diligent Bible students. According to this chapter, when we devote ourselves to the daily study, memorization, meditation, and obedience of Scripture, we learn how to cleanse our way (verse 9); we avoid sinning against God (verse 11); we are inwardly revived and strengthened (verses 25, 28); our hearts are enlarged (verse 32); our eyes turn away from worthless things (verse 37); and we are comforted in affliction (verse 50).

Nothing can compare to the habit of meeting with God over His Word each day. All it takes is a Bible and a dedicated time (and maybe a pen and notebook). Don’t miss this blessing!

You and I can walk in obedience to God’s Word and live a life of holiness.
Jerry Bridges, in The Pursuit of Holiness

Complete audio message as heard at Shadow Mountain Community Church

The Beast From the Sea

Complete audio message as heard at Shadow Mountain Community Church

History is full of the accounts of presumptuous leaders who perpetrated "crimes against humanity" for the sake of their own agendas. But no prior leader will compare, in arrogance or evil, with the soon to come Antichrist who will eventually rule the world with an iron fist.

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