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Today's Devotion: The Everything God—God Is the God of Everything Needed

Every August, lists are prepared by parents to make sure their children have everything they need for the new school year—from pencils, paper, and lunchboxes for the little ones; to computers, smartphones, and residential furnishings for the college students. The most satisfying phrase a parent can hear on the night before the first day of school is: “Don’t worry—I have everything I need.”

That is the opening line of David’s twenty-third psalm, a summary statement of how the Good Shepherd takes care of His sheep. Traditionally, that first line has been rendered, “I shall not want.” But a modern, more positive rendering is, “I have all that I need.” There is no need to consider what we might need and then remember that we have it. Instead, we know, without wondering, that we have everything we need. For David, playing the role of a sheep, that meant lush pastures and quiet waters; restoration of the soul; protection from evil; a luxurious banquet table; an eternal home forever.

If you are Christ’s, you belong to the Good Shepherd—and you have everything you need in Him.

He who has the Holy Spirit in his heart and the Scripture in his hands has all he needs.
Alexander MacLaren

Complete audio message as heard at Shadow Mountain Community Church

The Beast From the Sea

Complete audio message as heard at Shadow Mountain Community Church

History is full of the accounts of presumptuous leaders who perpetrated "crimes against humanity" for the sake of their own agendas. But no prior leader will compare, in arrogance or evil, with the soon to come Antichrist who will eventually rule the world with an iron fist. Covers Revelation 13 plus selected Scriptures.

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