New! Worldwide Outreach


New! Worldwide Outreach

This year Dr. Jeremiah and Turning Point will reach out further into the world to tell the Christmas story through Why the Nativity?. We are airing this Christmas presentation on all our television outlets, streaming it online, and finding added television avails, both domestically and abroad, so the world can be introduced to the Gospel through the story of Jesus’ birth.

The ENGLISH and SPANISH versions of the film were released in 2022, and we are thrilled to announce that Why the Nativity? has been translated into 4 new languages to be broadcast and streamed this Christmas.

4 New Languages to Be Broadcast and Streamed This Christmas:


With 1.1 billion native speakers worldwide, after English, this is the most spoken language in the world!

Watch the full-length movie in Mandarin.


Hindi is spoken in 8 countries in the world and is one of the official languages of India! There are 609.4 million native speakers of Hindi.

Watch the full-length movie in Hindi.


There are an estimated 274 million Arabic speakers in the world, making it the fifth most spoken language.

Watch the full-length movie in Arabic.


Telugu is spoken by about 96 million people and has primary official status in more than one Indian state!

Watch the full-length movie in Telugu.

Mandarin, Hindi, Arabic, and Telugu! This Christmas we have the potential to reach 2 billion more people in their own language than we did a year ago!

2 Billion More People

Future Plans

We will return to the airwaves and Internet next Christmas as we continue with our goal to reach the world with the Gospel message of Why the Nativity? in as many languages possible.

While we thank the Lord for the millions we will reach this Christmas, we know there is more to do, more souls to reach! Even with Why the Nativity? presented in six languages at this time, we are only reaching 30% of the world’s population in their own language! In 2024 we will translate this film into five more languages:

Farsi, Russian, Ukranian, Tamil, & Bahasa Indonesian

Adding these languages has a stunning potential of reaching 656 million more people in their language!

Why is this mission so important to us? Simply put: that all the world may know God sent His Son to die for their sins! We are passionate about delivering the unchanging Word of God to an ever-changing world…in as many languages as possible!

Please partner with us as Turning Point positions Why the Nativity? to reach this generation and generations to come here at home and around the world!

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