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Why the Nativity? Church & Outreach Kits
Digital Small Group Kit

Why the Nativity? Small Group Kit


This incredible guide is designed to help you lead your small group through messages based on Dr. Jeremiah’s original, Why the Nativity?. As the leader your role is vital in facilitating meaningful discussions and guiding the group toward a deeper understanding of God’s Word. This guide is to help you lead each session effectively. You are encouraged to make these messages your own by infusing your creativity, suiting your unique strengths and teaching style.

  • Inside the small group kit, you have access to the full Why the Nativity? formatted into three part segments allowing you the convenience of planning your group time according to a schedule that best suits your needs.
  • An easy to follow Leader's Guide that includes four complete message outlines. Each outline provides:
    • Introduction
    • Message Highlights
    • Scripture References
    • Discussion Questions
  • Correlating PowerPoint slides for each of the four messages.
Digital Church Kit

Why the Nativity Church Kit

Christmas is one of the best times of year to reach those far from Jesus. That’s why we are making Dr. Jeremiah’s Why the Nativity? resources available for you to use all season long.

This unique digital kit includes everything you need to have a tremendous Christmas outreach in your community. Invite your congregation and the lost in your community to celebrate the birth of our Savior and let this kit help you plan and prepare for it all!

Why the Nativity? Church Outreach Kit Includes:

  • Inside the church kit, you’ll have access to the entire film, viewable offline. This means you don’t have to rely on a good internet connection when you share the film with your church or community.
  • Special Christmas outreach event, “A Night at the Nativity,” promotional images and setup ideas. Host this event at your church and reach your community for Jesus while sharing the new film.
  • Customizable sermon outlines for a 4-week Why the Nativity? teaching series.
    Sermon Titles:
    • Why Did Jesus Become a Man?
    • Why Joseph?
    • Why Mary?
    • Why Call Him Savior?
  • Correlating PowerPoint slides for every sermon. Easily customizable!
  • Social Media and Email Templates for inviting the local community to your church.
  • Interactive kid’s story and activity sheets.
  • Complete list of outreach ideas.

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