About David Jeremiah and Moments With God on Route 66 Dr. David Jeremiah preparing radio broadcasts. Dr. David Jeremiah speaking at a live event Dr. David Jeremiah Turning Point international headquarters in San Diego, CA

Dr. David Jeremiah serves as senior pastor at Shadow Mountain Community Church and is the host and founder of Turning Point. In 1982 he started Turning Point as a local San Diego radio and television program—he had no idea then that God would grow his efforts into a worldwide ministry. Today, Turning Point reaches millions of people with the Gospel in five different languages (and continues to grow!).

Dr. Jeremiah’s dedication to teaching the Word of God with clarity and precision makes him a highly sought after conference speaker and New York Times bestselling author. He has written 43 books including New York Times best sellers, The Coming Economic Armageddon, I Never Thought I’d See the Day!, and Agents of Babylon, and continues to impact believers and unbelievers alike with the truth of God’s Word.

In 2005, his passion for radio ministry led him to create short, inspiring radio spots called “Route 66.” These one-minute inspirational moments are intended to catch the attention of both secular and Christian audiences by providing encouragement and insight into God’s plan for our lives. God has given us His own Route 66—the 66 books of the Bible—and these brief inspirational road signs will help you find directions on His highway every day.