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Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of the Heavenly City

God is preparing a place for His children. The gold streets, pearly gates and mansions are not figurative concepts—they are actual luxuries we will enjoy for eternity. How much do you know about your future home? Take this quiz about the New Jerusalem.

When will the New Jerusalem come down from heaven to earth?

At the Rapture

At Armageddon

At the end of the Millennium

Never, it always remains in heaven

What will happen to the earth at this time?

It will be destroyed

It will be purified

It will disappear

It will not change

How big will the New Jerusalem be?

1000 square miles

1500 cubic miles

2500 cubic miles

3000 cubic miles

In Revelation 21:3, the New Jerusalem is referred to as the "________"

Tabernacle of God

City without pain

Eternal city

Throne of God

What will be the source of the "healing of the nations"?

Hot springs


Leaves from the tree of life

Medicinal herbs

The twelve pearly gates are made of:

Millions of pearls

12 pearls each

Pearls and emeralds

1 pearl each

What will be the source of light in the Holy City?

The tree of life

The sun

The Lamb (Jesus)

The street lamps of gold

What will the topography of the Holy City include?

Trees of life

River of life

Foundations made of precious stones

All the above

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