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Two Witnesses—Quiz

Mystery surrounds the two individuals described as "two witnesses" in the book of Revelation. Who are they? What is their purpose? Test your knowledge of these intriguing men with this quick quiz! To learn more, read chapter 23 in The Book of Signs.

The two witnesses will be…





Most scholars believe one of the witnesses will be…

John the Baptist




How long will the ministry of the two witnesses last?

1,000 years

5 years

1,260 days

365 days

What kind of reaction will their message receive?

Desire to kill the witnesses

Desire to imprison the witnesses

Desire to have dinner with the witnesses

Desire to go shopping with the witnesses

Which plague(s) will the two witnesses bring?

The plague of death

The plague of drought

The plague of disease

All of the above

Why is God going to send the two witnesses?

To protect animals

To proclaim the Gospel

To taunt unbelievers

To watch the end of the world

How will the two witnesses bring people to reconsider their rejection of Christ?

Their resurrection and rapture

Their words

Their deaths

Their identities

What good news do the two witnesses proclaim?


A way out of darkness

God's love

All of the above

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