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Rewards—Scripture promises that rewards await us in heaven. But are these rewards meant to be our motivation while living on earth? And what form are these rewards going to take once we possess them? Find the answers to these questions and test your knowledge with the quiz below! Read chapter 16 in The Book of Signs to learn even more.

Which type of jewelry best describes our heavenly rewards?





With which sport does Paul compare the Christian life?





Since Scripture compares Christians to athletes, how should we train?

Maintain self–control

Develop discipline

Make sacrifices

All of the above

Which crown is known as the Soul Winner's Crown?

The Victor's Crown

The Crown of Life

The Crown of Rejoicing

The Crown of Righteousness

Who is the Crown of Righteousness intended for?

Those who believe

Those who desire Christ's return

Those who saw Jesus alive on earth

All of the above

Enduring temptation or trial, or even martyrdom, qualifies us for which crown?

The Crown of Glory

The Crown of Righteousness

The Crown of Life

The Crown of Rejoicing

The Crown of Glory is meant for . . .




All of the above

What is an even greater motivation than heavenly rewards and crowns?

God is our reward

Helping others is our top priority

Knowing we don't deserve rewards motivates us to do good

Working hard is its own reward

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