This Is Your TimeThis Is Your Time

This is Your Time

Prepare to Meet the Moment

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This is Your Place

Building For Today & For the Future

Meeting This MomentMeeting This Moment

Meeting this Moment

Moving Forward—Together


This is your time! God has put you right here, right now, for a reason. An eternal purpose. Your place, your people, your potential, your’s all aligned, by His design, for this moment in history so that He can use you to do something extraordinary.

And I believe—as we look toward the second half of 2023 and a brand-new fiscal year—the same is true for our ministry together through Turning Point.

The only question for you and I is this: Will we meet the moment?

This is your time! God has put you right here, right now, for a reason. An eternal purpose. Your place, your people, your potential, your’s all aligned, by His design, for this moment in history so that He can use you to do something extraordinary.

And I believe—as we look toward the second half of 2023 and a brand-new fiscal year—the same is true for our ministry together through Turning Point.

The only question for you and I is this: Will we meet the moment?

It’s clear from your committed prayers and generous giving that you understand meeting the moment requires great focus—on God, on His Word, on His calling for our life, and on the mission He’s entrusted us together to deliver the unchanging Word of God to an ever-changing world.

In fact, that’s how we’ve gotten to this moment in the first place! By keeping God at the center of our attention and being faithful to teaching His Word.

  • You and I are now preaching the whole counsel of God’s Word in 16 languages and counting.
  • More than 25 million people encountered the true story of Christ this past Christmas through our innovative, unprecedented Why the Nativity? docudrama on television, online, streaming services, and movie screens.
  • Multitudes of believers around the world are being encouraged and emboldened in their faith, even as tens of thousands of lost and hurting people are reaching their own turning point with God and giving their lives over to Him!

But, as you’ll surely agree, we haven’t yet “arrived.” In many ways, we’ve just been warming up over the past 41 years of ministry to prepare for this moment.

We invite you to partner with us and make this moment yours by joining what God is doing here at Turning Point.

It is by God’s grace and thanks to the faithful partnership and support of friends like you that we’ve arrived at this moment in the first place.

All that has been done, God has accomplished through the gifts of people like you. Not big foundations or corporations. Not Shadow Mountain or any other local church. But you.

This is why I say—so boldly, so confidently—this is your time!

It’s only with your continued prayers and generosity—and God’s continued favor—that we will be able to meet this moment, accomplish all that He has planned, and walk through the doors of opportunity He has opened at this unique time in history.

Please, prayerfully consider what God would have you give today and join us meeting this moment!

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Dr. David Jeremiah

A Personal Word From Dr. Jeremiah

We are witnessing something so extraordinary that only God can get the credit!

And your prayers and giving have been essential to stepping through the doors God has opened and seizing the opportunities He has presented…which have led us to be at exactly the right place, at exactly the right time, to make an enormous (and otherwise completely unimaginable) impact for His Kingdom.

Please, join me in celebrating God has done through your partnership and all that we’ve accomplished together this year. And please also join me in looking forward to what’s next—as together, we prepare to meet the moment in the new year of ministry ahead.

Thank you. And may God bless you for your partnership.

This is your time!

The stage is being set! Here the area that previously served as our warehouse begins to take shape as the steel frame construction is put into place.

The studio is well equipped with state-of-the-art technology giving Turning Point the ability to produce quality content like never before and ultimately reach more people with the Gospel!

With ample seating and being located onsite at Turning Point headquarters, the studio will enable Pastor to engage a live audience at any time, just steps away from his office.

Unparalleled quality and flexibility will allow us to meet all of our broadcasting needs.

The new studio's flexible layout is designed to easily adapt and facilitate round table discussions.

A concept rendering displaying the new studio's functionality, complete with ample seating and a well-planned stage layout as viewed from above.

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A Special Invitation: Be a part of a FIRM FOUNDATION!

Through your ongoing prayers and support, your fingerprints are already all over the ready-to-shoot, state-of-the-art recording studio now under construction at Turning Point’s headquarters, and now you are invited to have your signed commitment card (provided below) to be embedded under the studio stage at Turning Point headquarters! Simply (digitally) sign the commitment to pray to be included in creating a truly firm foundation that will change lives by the power of God’s Word for generations to come!

Prayer Commitment Card
Prayer Commitment Card
Prayer Commitment Card

Meeting the Moment by

Laying a Foundation of Prayer

I commit to praying for Turning Point and the timeless Bible teaching that will be captured, curated, and communicated from the Turning Point studio. This prayer submission will be included with thousands of others to be embedded under the studio stage—creating a firm foundation for ministry that will change lives by the power of God’s Word for generations to come!


Your email address will only be used for future updates on this campaign.

Please note, if you have already submitted your commitment card by mail, please do NOT submit your digital signature as it will result in duplicate entries. Thank you.


people have committed to praying

A Message of Hope the World Needs to Hear

Reaching People with a Reason for Joy

A Message of Hope the World Needs to Hear

As we anticipate the latter half of 2023, let me offer a glimpse of our upcoming ministry endeavors. Building on one of our most significant outreaches, "Why the Nativity?"—I am filled with excitement for the future.

Our presentation of the Christmas story resulted in our most substantial evangelistic campaign ever, with God's blessings exceeding our expectations. A few remarkable achievements include:

140 Television Outreaches
17 Million YouTube Views
103,655 New People Reached
91,000 New Believer Requests

This first year's success ignites our plans for an even more extensive outreach to reach the lost and remind believers of the true Christmas message. My anticipation for God's work through our film is immense—Christmas can't come soon enough!

However, there are many souls to reach before the holiday season.

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In a world filled with ongoing tragedies, news can be disheartening. But, as we've learned, Jesus predicted this world of hatred, war, and disaster. Amidst the chaos, He offers hope and a joyful purpose for our lives.

I want to partner together with you to broadcast this message of hope to the world this fall. In the coming weeks, I'll share specific details of our study and outreach plans. Meanwhile, I want you to join my excitement as we shout a message of hope to the world from our modern-day “rooftops!”

I humbly request your prayers for moments of healing, salvation, and rededication for believers worldwide. As we unite and declare, "This is our time!"—won’t you join me as we experience God's transformative work together?

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Two-Day Prophecy Event

To reach people we haven’t yet reached, we have to do things we haven’t yet done.

Which is why I am thrilled to share some exciting news with you.

I am preparing to host my first-ever worldwide Bible prophecy two-day livestream event. On October 6 and 7, we will be in South Carolina, presenting two days of Bible Strong teaching in an incredible new format. This first-of-its-kind event will be hosted both in-person and on a live stream, so no matter your location, you’ll be able to join us for these incredible two days of inspiration and encouragement.

More detailed information about the event, including how to attend in-person or online, will be announced in the coming days!

Consider for a second what has brought us to this incredible “streaming” moment…

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Your enthusiasm for the many books and written resources we’ve created has helped reach millions who are far from God. You’ve been with me through prayer and faithful giving as we’ve broadcast God’s Word around the world on international radio and television.

And you’ve remained supportive as we've expanded our broadcast ministry onto every major digital platform.

Now is your time to join us in going even further, to go bigger for the sake of the Gospel than ever before. Together we can meet the technology moment of our day and livestream a Bible conference worldwide!

However, none of this is possible without your prayers and financial support.

To do things we’ve never done means we have to partner together like never before.

We believe the time is right for this event. Our moment together is now. Today is the day of salvation! Will you stand with me today as we prepare the details of this incredible evangelism opportunity? Let’s step boldly into the future together as we declare THIS IS OUR TIME!

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Turning Point
Challenge Fund: Double the Impact

Double The Impact Of Your Gift!

This is your time; it’s our time, too. We must meet this moment and move forward—to expand our reach to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, before our Lord’s return.

We have been blessed with a tremendous opportunity to reach twice as far with God’s life-changing Word in this God-given moment! Thanks to the very generous friends of the Turning Point family who have issued a $1.1 million challenge, the impact of your gift given today will be DOUBLED!

God has put you right here, right now, with a unique purpose in mind—an eternal purpose. And we are so grateful you are responding to His call with an emphatic “YES, LORD, use me!”

Our ministry together through Turning Point is blessed and thriving. Many are being encouraged—and thousands are coming to know Christ as Savior. Please help us to finish our fiscal year strong by giving a generous gift of support today.

Give a Generous Fiscal Year-End Gift

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