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When the world looks to Turning Point with questions about sin, forgiveness, heaven, and eternal destiny, we want to be ready with the answers they need. The world must know that forgiveness is available through Christ, that sin and death were overcome at the cross.

For this reason, your gift today will help us produce and distribute our proven-effective outreach booklet, Your Greatest Turning Point, to hundreds of thousands as they look to the ministry of Turning Point for spiritual guidance in their moment of crisis this fall....

Support this ministry outreachHelp us print Your Greatest Turning Point

Your Greatest Turning Point is free upon request, and it is our most requested resource. We go through tens of thousands of these each year, and we do not charge to send them. We ask God to supply the financial outlay it takes for this evangelistic effort.

Ralph’s 28-year-old son was “lost and undone” in his father’s words—but he came to know Christ through our broadcasts. Our booklet Your Greatest Turning Point was instrumental in setting him on the path of growth in Christ.

  • Maybe you met Christ at church or through a friend.
  • Maybe you rededicated your life to Christ after tuning in to a Turning Point program on radio or television.
  • Maybe you gave your life to Christ when you called a hotline at a pivotal moment in your life.

When people who are seeking answers about salvation contact us for help, we send a complimentary copy of Your Greatest Turning Point.

It points you to Jesus and to God’s Word—and now, with your support, we will expand this publication to speak to the hearts of the lost, and help lead them toward faith in Christ.

Thank you for giving as generously as reach multitudes with the life-transforming message of God’s love!

A prison inmate named Michael was a Muslim, but Turning Point brought him to Jesus—and Your Greatest Turning Point helped launch his new life in Christ.

Your Greatest Turning Point has the potential to reach more souls than ever!

Please pray that God will speak to the hearts of our ministry friends to provide the funding we need to update (write, design, print, and mail) the Your Greatest Turning Point resource.

Please also pray that God will use this powerful evangelistic tool to speak to the hearts of our viewers and continue to impact lives all around the world.

Prayer changes things!

Our outreach is growing so dramatically, we need 304,000 of these booklets. Your generous gift will lead the lost to Christ not only via broadcast media, but via print—and disciple new believers too.

Support this ministry outreachHelp us print Your Greatest Turning Point

Thank you for your continued support of our God-given mission:

Delivering the Unchanging Word of God to an Ever-Changing World


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