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Find YOURSELF in the pages of Scripture!

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Someone Like You Study Set
Someone Like You Study Set

Experience Elijah—experience yourself!

He was just like us, the Bible says—yet he performed incredible miracles exhibiting the power of God. Dr. David Jeremiah’s study of Elijah reveals how Elijah managed to follow the leading of the Lord in his life—in spite of his failings and struggles.

You’ll be amazed at how much you have in common with the prophet Elijah. How will God use you next? Get ready for the Lord’s leading in your life!

Dr. Jeremiah’s Someone Like You set includes These are the Days of Elijah book, Someone Like You teaching series on audio CD, and the correlating 144-page study guide with a small group leader’s guide plus personal and group questions.

10 Powerful and Practical Messages:

  1. Someone Like You
  2. The School of Faith
  3. The Furnace of Faith
  4. The First Resurrection in the Bible
  5. One Man Against the World
  6. The Aftermath
  7. One-on-One With God
  8. Vengeance
  9. Whatever Happened to God?
  10. Passing the Torch
These Are the Days of Elijah
These Are the Days of Elijah

The story of you...that’s what you’ll find in this remarkable book. The prophet Elijah didn’t start out as a miracle-worker. He was “normal”—“ordinary”—“everyday.” But he was willing for God to use him...even when he didn’t understand what God was up to! If you’re willing to be used however God sees fit, great things can happen! Christians simply being willing—this is how God changes the world! Be part of it!

Elijah was a gifted prophet who spoke directly for God. He actually called down fire from heaven—and was taken to heaven without dying!

But this incredible agent of the Lord was also very human. He endured failure and fear, just as we do.

Yet through it all, God used Elijah to accomplish great things—and He wants to use you, too!

Can you be proud but righteous? Cowardly but strong? Tested but blessed? Elijah was. God can and will use you for His glory!

This book will show you how!


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Elijah: Someone Like You?

If you sit down and thumb through your Bible, will you find yourself featured in the “book of [your name here]”?

Probably not—at first glance.

But look again…

The truth is...YES! Your own story is reflected in the pages of Scripture. God reveals us to ourselves through the accounts found in His Word.

And perhaps we can see ourselves most in the life of Elijah.

Yes—you probably think of him as a great miracle working prophet, an extraordinary being. But the Bible says in James 5:17 that he was simply “ a man with a nature like ours.” Some translations put it even more bluntly; he was “just like us”!

What strikes me most about Elijah is that he was both extraordinary and ordinary. He was spectacular–stating boldly, for example, that it would not rain until he gave the word...Yet James notes that Elijah was a man “just like us” because he was so very, very human.

Elijah took himself too seriously; he felt he was the only prophet around who was worth a grain of salt and fancied he was a cut above all before him. He was very human indeed.

These are the Days of Elijah by R.T. Kendall

He was “just like us” yet he went down in history as an incredible world–changer. What happened?

Elijah was inconsistent, moody, stubborn, insensitive, and lonely. Does all this sound familiar?
Does it actually sound a lot like you?

God can use any of us, even with our imperfections, if we’re only willing.