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Living in the Light CD Set

In a day when people find reasons not to love other Christians...not to abstain from the temptations of the world and the flesh...not to walk in light and truth, John’s first letter is a firm, but loving corrective for the Church.

In this powerful series you’ll discover:

Lesson 1:
The five ways to know if you are a Christian

Lesson 2:
Three ways joy can be lost

Lesson 3:
What obedience reveals about our spiritual life

Lesson 4:
The three stages of spiritual maturity

Lesson 5:
The dangers of friendship with the world

Lesson 6:
The best news we could ever hear

Lesson 7:
The depths of God’s love

Lesson 8:
How God’s love perfects and protects the Christian

The study guide included with this set includes Personal and Group Questions, plus a Leader’s Guide!

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