It is a common disease.

No one–married or single, religious or non-religious, young or old–is exempt from the pain.

Overcoming Loneliness - CD Set Overcoming Loneliness - CD Set

No one—married or single, religious or non-religious, young or old—is exempt from the pain.

That empty feeling...

That empty feeling...that underlying anxiety...that ache of separation...that wearing stress...that feeling of discouragement, defeat, despair.

It’s loneliness.

Even in our ultra–connected world, with instant face-to-face communications between strangers all over the planet, people feel disconnected, unknown, and alone.

But there is hope!

God’s Word offers practical help. Dr. David Jeremiah’s powerfully practical series presents clear positive approaches for preventing and overpowering loneliness, regardless of your life situation.

    This set includes:

  • Dr. Jeremiah’s inspirational hardback book, Overcoming Loneliness.
  • The entire 10-message teaching series on CD
  • The companion study guide for personal devotions or small group study


  1. Loneliness – A Disease of Our Time
  2. Lonely Saints - What to do when we feel disconnected from our church communities.
  3. Lonely Singles – How to find fulfillment in the solitude of singleness.
  4. Lonely Spouses – What to do when you feel alone in a marriage.
  5. Lonely Seniors – How to deal with loneliness in our golden years.
  6. Lonely Servants – Comfort for those who are islated because they are doing the work of the Lord.
  7. Lonely Sufferers – What we can do when illness isolates us from others.
  8. Lonely Survivors – Inspiration and hope for the widow or widower.
  9. The Lonely Savior – Jesus experienced loneliness on earth, and He understands what you are going through.
  10. Loneliness in the Bible – Men and women in the Bible who felt alone.

Dr. Jeremiah’s Powerful Book

Overcoming Loneliness Hardcover Book


  • It is an empty feeling in the pit of the stomach
  • It is an underlying anxiety, a big black pit
  • It is a sharp ache in moments of grief or separation
  • It is a long period of stress that wears you down until you are discouaraged and defeated
  • It is a longing for completeness.

Loneliness may well be the disease of our time.

When you ache with loneliness, remember that you are in good company. The Bible gives abundant examples of lonely saints. Testimonies of men and women in Scripture like Job, Hagar, Moses, and David express the crushing weight of loneliness. Even the apostle Paul, an incredibly gifted and blessed man, was not immune to loneliness.

Yet there is One who understands piercing loneliness more acutely than any of us—the Lord Jesus Christ. And it is in Him that we find a sure antidote to a lonely soul.

Find a sure antidote to a lonely soul

208 pages • Hardcover

Overcoming loneliness

Overcoming Loneliness provides reassurance that God wants to meet you in your loneliness and that, with His help, you can overcome it.

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