Jealousy • Temptation • Discouragement • Defeat • Victory

See your own life reflected
in the life of David

Life of David CD Set Life of David CD Set

Every human can identify with David’s struggles. We’ve all had to face battles in our lives—including jealous friends, and unexpected temptations. David experienced public successes, but they often seemed to be followed by personal mistakes. He knew both exhilaration and discouragement , victory and defeat. Yet through it all, he maintained a heart for God.

You’ll see how he treated people, we’ll review his mistakes, and we’ll examine his darkest days.

You will see your own life reflected in the life of David. You’ll love his story!

Lessons in this series include:

  1. Introduction to David
  2. Man Appoints God Anoints
  3. Saul's Mood and David's Music
  4. When Two Giants Meet
  5. The High Cost of Success
  6. The Fugitive
  7. Reaching an All-Time Low
  8. A Prayer from a Cave
  9. How to Treat Your Enemy
  10. David and Abigail
  11. David's Depression
  12. Two Men in Misery
  13. Saul's Suicide
  14. A Eulogy for an Enemy
  15. David the King
  16. God's Work—God's Way
  17. When Your Dream Dies
  18. David and Bathsheba
  19. The Scar Tissue of Sin
  20. David and Absalom
  21. Counting Noses
  22. Passing on the Torch

This set includes:

Robert Morgan’s extraordinary new book Reclaiming the Lost Art of Biblical Meditation

The Tender Warrior, David Jeremiah’s powerful 22-message series on the life of David—in two CD albums.

Volume I & Volume II study guide set for personal devotion or group study

God is Our Refuge and Strength - Bonus DVD

BONUS DVD: Author Robert Morgan presents an insightful message at Shadow Mountain Community Church


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Reclaiming the Lost Art of Biblical Meditation
Dr. David Jeremiah has personally selected this remarkable book for you

David Jeremiah has personally selected this remarkable book for you

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You can deepen your intimacy with the can find a sense of inspiration and soul-steadying peace...even in a world of anxiety and stress!

More than 200 times, the Bible advises us to meditate, ponder, or focus our hearts and minds on God’s Word, and on Jesus.

Far removed from current notions of meditation that stem from Eastern or New Age religions, Reclaiming the Lost Art of Biblical Meditation examines the biblical roots of meditation. Discover how you can benefit from this simple, but powerful spiritual discipline!

This powerful book also includes:

  • 10-Day Meditation Guide
  • Scripture to Meditate On

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  • Calm your spirit
  • Discover insight into God's will for your life!


  1. Why is Biblical Meditation Important?
  2. Focusing on the Wonder of God and Gaining Perspective
  3. Seeing Yourself as the Lord Sees You
  4. Calming Your Spirit and Finding Peace
  5. Helping You Understand God’s Word
  6. Gaining Insight Into God’s Will
  7. Techniques for Effective Meditation
  8. Finding Godly Success God’s Way
  9. Hiding God’s Word in Your Heart by Memorizing Scripture
  10. Biblical Meditation Brings Intimacy with the Lord and Deep, Long-Lasting Joy