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Airship Genesis

Season 2 Gold Edition

Get the ultimate collection of resources from Airship Genesis: Season 2.

This special boxed collector’s edition contains the newest items from Airship Genesis including:

1. Airship Genesis: Legendary Bible Adventures - Season 2 Audio Series CD Album

Listen to the complete adventures of the Genesis Exploration Squad from Season 2. This CD album contains every episode from Season 2 of the audio series as heard on

2. Mission Quest Kids Devotional

A devotional unlike any other, Mission Quest will take children on 52 missions (one for each week of the year!).  One of Airship Genesis’ most popular resources, Mission Quest leads kids on a year-long journey of reading, learning, and living out lessons from God's Word.

3. Discovery: Understanding the 66 Books of the Bible for Kids

Take your kids or grandkids on a high-velocity journey through the Bible, as they learn about every one of the books in God’s Word with Discovery: Understanding the 66 Books of the Bible for Kids—new from David Jeremiah and Airship Genesis.

You and the young ones in your life will zoom through the pages of this book, and in no time, your kids will have a new understanding of God’s Word, from Genesis to Revelation.

4. Airship Genesis Journal

New from Airship Genesis, the Airship Genesis Journal! Kids can write, draw, and remember what they learn from the Airship Genesis Kids Study Bible and the Mission Quest Devotional in its pages.

Features a hard, brushed silver cover with an embossed Airship Genesis: Legendary Bible Adventure logo. Plus, an elastic band to keep it closed. Contains 80 lined pages.

5. Joules Plush Toy

A high quality plush toy of everyone’s favorite monkey companion, Joules.

6. Numbered Certificate of Authenticity

Each Gold Edition includes a uniquely numbered certificate of authenticity.