Ever wish there was AAA coverage
for discouragement?

Disappointment, despair, and discouragement find us no matter who we are. No matter what the Lord has called you to do there will be difficult seasons of life.

So is there any assistance during these times? We know that God is with us and that He will provide for our every need. But did you know God has also designed another outlet for us to find encouragement and help in our times of weakness?

Discover God’s ‘roadside assistance’ for the twisting turns in life. Download Dr. Jeremiah’s free digital resource titled Does God Offer Roadside Assistance? today!

Does God Offer Roadside Assistance?

A quick-read guide to:

  • Finding encouragement when you are feeling despair
  • Understanding one of the important jobs of the local church
  • Renewing your focus on relationships rather than rituals
12-pages of encouragement for the road of life
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