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Remember to...
Keep Calm and Carry On

How can we live with confidence in this chaotic, stressful world?

We often need a reminder to Keep Calm and… Carry On… Stay Committed… Stay Consistent… or Stay Compassionate. And there is no better way to apply these sentiments than through Scripture!

Which is why Turning Point has created FREE Keep Calm reminder cards.

Each of the 10 cards has an inspirational "Keep Calm" phrase paired with a quote from Dr. Jeremiah's book Living with Confidence in a Chaotic World and a Scripture verse.

God often does His most profound work through the difficult seasons of our lives. If you embrace the tough times and ask God to teach you what He wants you to know, He will give you the patience and strength to endure. This is no time for weak-hearted Christians who complain and grumble in today's world….
–"Stay Committed to Your Faith" Card

We know Christians aren't immune to trials and created these cards to help build up your faith!

The 4X6 size makes them easy to carry with you or share with a loved one.

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'When you find yourself craving a sure thing to cling to, you will find that the Word of God is that one sure thing--that one Word of Truth.' -David Jeremiah