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Praying Outside the Box Set

How's your prayer life?

I pray you are experiencing all the joy—all the power—all the blessing—of the phenomenal, God-given gift of prayer!

I often encounter Christians whose prayer life is simply a routine. Or boring. An obligation. For many, prayer is even a matter of guilt—because they feel like they’re not “doing it enough.” Or “long enough.” Or deep down inside, they don’t feel it really makes much of a difference. They don’t “get it.” And many times, they’ve put God “in a box” and not accessing His power. They feel their prayers are bouncing off the ceiling and right back down to earth!

I do not want you to miss out on the incredible potential of prayer.

Today, I want to help you take the lid off the box of your prayer life. It’s time to learn to “pray ouside the box” —and experience every opportunity God has in store for you, through a creative, effective, healthy, deeply fulfilling prayer life!

Request our Praying Outside the Box ministry resource set today and discover everything God intended for you when He gave you this marvelous gift called prayer!

Many Christians put God “in a box” and not accessing His power. They feel their prayers are bouncing off the ceiling and right back down to earth.

Discover everything God intended for you when He have you this marvelous gift called prayer!

Fold your hands
Bow your knee,
Compose your mind, &

Change Your World, Through Prayer!

New from David Jeremiah

Anxious about the latest headlines? Troubled by personal issues? No need to wring your hands in worry—you can fold your hands in prayer! Worry doesn’t help. Prayer changes things.

How should you pray? Ephesians 6:18 NIV tells us to go to God “with all kinds of prayers and requests.”

In Dr. Jeremiah’s new prayer book, you’ll find a prayer for different circumstances you’re facing. As the Turning Point ministry family unites around these prayers, we’ll be on the same spiritual page! God listens attentively when we agree in prayer (Matthew 18:19).

Dr. David Jeremiah
Prayer is our greatest need, our highest activity, our finest habit, and our holiest use of time.

David Jeremiah

A Prayer for Every Problem You Face


A Prayer for Protection

A Prayer for Wisdom

A Prayer for Christ's Coming

A Prayer for Whosoever

A Prayer for Loved Ones

A Prayer for Hope

A Prayer for the Discouraged

A Prayer of Consolation

A Prayer of Belief

A Prayer for the Lonely

A Prayer for Guidance

A Prayer Celebrating New Birth

A Prayer for Deliverance

A Prayer of Thanksgiving

A Prayer of Praise

and 15 more...


The “Romans Road” (for sharing Christ with a friend)

Your personal Prayer Journal (for daily or occasional journaling)

one for you
three to share

Request 4 copies of Dr. Jeremiah’s 30 Days of Prayer. Keep one copy for yourself and share 3 with some dear friends.

It’s the perfect way to minister to those people who God has placed in your life.

Embark on the

Greatest Adventure

Of your Life

This award-winning book has led tens of thousands to embark on the greatest adventure of their lives—companionship with God through prayer.

With gentle, practical guidance, Dr. Jeremiah shares his own story of learning to pray out of desperation, inspiring you to find the same urgency and intimacy in every stage of your personal walk with God!

Equip yourself to
pray more effectively
than you ever thought possible!


1. The Great Adventure of Prayer

2. Too Busy Not to Pray

3. It Pays to Pray

4. A Roadmap for Prayer

5. Praise: Approaching a Holy Father

6. Priorities: Aligning Our Will With God’s

7. Provision: Asking for What We Need

8. Living in the Joy of Forgiveness

9. Protection: Seeking Safety From Harm

10. Ending Where We Began

11. The Greatest Prayer Ever Offered

12. Secrets of the Directed Life

13. A Personal Map to Buried Treasure

Discover keys to unlock your own
journey into a glorious prayer life!