The Coming Economic

What Bible Prophecy Warns About
the New Global Economy

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Discover what Bible prophecy warns about the new global economy.

In The Coming Economic Armageddon, Dr. David Jeremiah examines current financial events and how they might be pointing to the "end time" as prophesied in the Bible.

With meticulous research and clarity, he answers urgent questions including:

  • How did we get to this place?
  • Can the American economy really recover?
  • Is a New World Order on the horizon?
  • Are the last days of Earth's history fast approaching?
  • How can we weather this storm with hope and confidence?

Dr. Jeremiah believes it is possible to interpret current financial events as steps toward the ultimate collapse of the global economy and of the development of a one-world monetary and governmental system—events the Bible says are signs of the "end of the age."

Rejecting the fear and discouragement usually accompanying the subject of biblical prophecy, Dr. Jeremiah presents the hope given by a loving and sovereign God.

This is a real hope—one not dependent on the ups and downs of the economic system. Instead, it is a hope, a future, based on His eternal word. We can trust God for our well-being because he has given us sound financial principles that can stabilize our personal finances and get us through tough times.

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Table of Contents

  • 1
    The Fall of the American Economy
  • 2
    The New World Order
  • 3
    The New Global Economy
  • 4
    From Crisis to Consolidation
  • 5
    Satan's CEO
  • 6
    The Mark of the Beast
  • 7
    Financial Signs of the End Times
  • 8
    The Collapse of the Global Financial Market
  • 9
    God's Ultimate New World Order
  • 10
    Keep Your Head in the Game and Your
    Hope in God

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