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For anyone who is feeling beaten down by life, this series will transform your outlook and refresh your weary heart.

A ship’s anchor only works if it is embedded in the rock. And the anchor of hope only works if it is embedded in God’s unfailing Word. That’s why so many of us feel hopeless—we’re casting our anchor against the wobbly platitudes of well-meaning friends or the flimsy promises of politicians when what we really need is solid assurance from an unchanging God that our future is secure.

If you’ve been struggling with feelings of hopelessness due to trying personal circumstances or anxieties about the direction of the church and the world, ​Hope—An Anchor for Life will renew your sense of hope. Based solidly in Scripture and illustrated with inspiring true stories of hope lived out, this book shows that we really can have true, biblical hope no matter what our circumstances.

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Restore your belief in God’s purpose for trials, His plan for the future, and His unwavering promise to you.

Hope - An Anchor for Life  CD Set

Hope is not a feeling.
It’s a person.

In our hurting world, hope is hard to hold on to. From the constant barrage of bad news on our TVs and smart phones to the difficulties of everyday life in a fallen world, we spend much of our time gathering scraps of sorrows that can add up to an incredible weight upon our bent shoulders. We wonder:

What can one person possibly do in the face of so much injustice and pain? How long will I have to wait for an answer to my prayer? When will God show up and fix all of this?

But as believers, we are encouraged to live lives characterized by hope. Biblical hope is not a feeling, and it’s not wishful thinking. It’s an attitude of holy expectation based on God’s promises to us found in His Word. The saints of old did not live in times that were easier than ours. They encountered the same problems—prodigal children, unjust political systems, failing health, broken relationships, and struggling churches—and they rested on the same promises.

In this inspiring and encouraging set, Dr. David Jeremiah shows us just what it means to hope in the Lord. Grounded firmly in Scripture and vividly illustrated by incredible stories of God’s faithfulness, ​Hope—An Anchor for Life will restore your belief that God has a purpose for our trials, a plan for our future, and an unbending promise He intends to keep.

For anyone who is feeling beaten down by life, this teaching will transform your outlook and refresh your weary heart.

100% Secure Transaction. We never share your information.

Inside Dr. Jeremiah’s Book and Teaching Series:
Hope—An Anchor for Life

Hope is the sunshine God pipes down from heaven into our darkened world.

My prayer is this: As you read this book and listen to the messages, may the Lord so bless you that someone will approach you one day and ask about the unsinkable hope you have.

Is there any hope? Yes. Let me tell you about it!

Message One

Choosing Hope
over Worry

Hope. It’s a term we use in daily conversation, and it’s often a weak word. We “hope” it doesn’t rain when clouds pile up before our picnic. We “hope” we’ll get a good grade on our report. Often it expresses nothing more than wishful thinking.

Yet hope is a word that shows up in Scripture like stars through the sky. And in the Bible, it’s not a description of wishful thinking, but of determined reality.

Message Two

Heavenly Hope

There’s an indissoluble relationship between our eternal hope and our day-to-day reactions to life.

Message Three

Hope for My Neighbor

We can choose our attitudes and make up our minds to be hopeful, and then helpful.

Message Four

Hope for the Prodigal

If you’ve worried yourself sick about someone you love, I understand. I know the dark cloud that can settle down in our hearts like a sinister, unyielding fog. But let me give you some suggestions for breathing fresh oxygen into your soul.

Message Five

Hope for the Future

In the heart of the Bible, and in the middle of Scripture, we have a profound personal testimony about handling the worst moments of life and emerging with hope for the future.

Message Six

Hope for My
Marriage and Family

Marriage is a challenge for any of us, and from the very beginning the devil has taken pleasure in attacking our homes.

Message Seven

Hope for Our Nation

Our society has reversed justice, pushed away righteousness, toppled truth into the street; and those who stand up and object to this pervasive moral decay make themselves “prey”. The media, the courts, the corporations, the government, the tax authorities, the popular press, everyone—will come after them and after us.

Message Eight

Hope for Our Church

It’s easy to look around right now and question if the Church in America will survive. But while the last three decades have been challenging for churches in the United States, there are tremendous pockets of hope.

Message Nine

Hope in the Valley of Trouble

When we lose hope, we’ve lost our secret weapon in life.

What do you do as a believer when you sense an erosion of the hope in your life? What steps can you take to regain hope, enthusiasm, and the fullness of the Spirit?

Message Ten

A Prayer for Hope

You and I are wealthier than William Randolph Hearst ever dreamed of being. We’re far richer than all earth’s billionaires combined. No bank can contain our wealth. No computer can calculate it. No tycoon can rival it. How rich are we since Jesus came our way!

So then, why don’t we feel like the rich people we are?

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About the Author

Dr. David Jeremiah

Dr. David Jeremiah is the pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church in El Cajon, California. He is the author of several best-selling books including, ​People Are Asking ... Is This The End? and ​Agents of the Apocalypse. His popular syndicated radio and television Bible-teaching program, ​Turning Point, is broadcast internationally. David and his wife, Donna, have four children and twelve grandchildren.