What Signs Indicate the End Times Are Near?

The Rapture is the next event on the prophetic calendar. The following signs cast their shadows before them and indicate that the End Times are near.

The Sign of Deception

Many people are going to claim to be the Messiah and claim to have the answers for a troubled world. Jesus says to “take heed”—literally, to keep our eyes open so we are not fooled. In the End Times, people will be crying desperately for leaders to deliver them, and they will seek mystics and religious leaders who claim to have deeper knowledge.

The Sign of Disputes Among Nations

As wars and dissension among groups of people begin to escalate, we know it is a sign of Christ’s return. The book of Revelation tells us that the Tribulation period is filled with war—ceaseless, unending, terrible war— that will escalate until the entire world is involved. Fifty percent of all research scientists today are involved in arms development. Despite all the arms limitations treaties, there is at least one military weapon and four thousand pounds of explosives for every man, woman, and child on earth. The Bible says that as we move toward the End Times, there will be constant talk of conflicts, border skirmishes, race wars, and national battles.

In spite of the high value I place on understanding future events, I find that studying prophecy has an even higher and more practical value. It provides a compelling motivation for living the Christian life. The immediacy of prophetic events shows the need to live each moment in Christlike readiness.

- David Jeremiah, What in the World is Going On?

The Sign of Devastation

Today, as you read this, millions of people in the world are going hungry, even though God has blessed us with a fruitful, abundant planet. As we get closer to the End Times, there will be more and more famine. There will also be earthquakes, something that science has said will happen. Christ also spoke of pestilence: the spread of new diseases. Our world is experiencing a spate of tragic new diseases that we are unable to control.

The Sign of Deliverance Into the Tribulation

Just before Jesus returns, there will be an explosion of antagonism toward God’s people. Christians will be persecuted. I think we are already seeing it. The media holds most fringe groups in high regard, but it seems to attack conservative Christians every chance it gets. Many are going to pay a high price for living out their faith in our world.

by Dr. David Jeremiah Why Study Bible Prophecy?