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Life Wide Open
Life Wide Open

Modern culture teaches us to compartmentalize our lives. But God created us to be holistic beings who, when filled with His life and power, exude passion and enthusiasm about everything we do. In Life Wide Open, Dr, David Jeremiah devotes messages to passionate living in eleven different areas from faith to work to humility. 12 messages

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Answers to Questions About Adversity
Dr. David Jeremiah presents a new question and answer book featuring more than 90 of the most perplexing—and most common—questions people have asked him over the years about the problems they are facing.
In these 256 pages, you can find peace amid your problems ... strength for every struggle ... and wisdom to share with someone who’s hurting.
Designed in an easy-to-read format, this book also includes a Scripture Reference Guide and a topical index so you can go directly to the answers you need at any time.
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Answers to Questions About Adversity

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