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Agents of Babylon - Study Guide
Life Wide Open CD Album
Life Wide Open CD Album

Modern culture teaches us to compartmentalize our lives. But God created us to be holistic beings who, when filled with His life and power, exude passion and enthusiasm about everything we do. In Life Wide Open, Dr, David Jeremiah devotes messages to passionate living in eleven different areas from faith to work to humility. 12 messages

Audio CD Album
Agents of the Apocalypse - Study Guide
The Revelation Sevens handbook
Without question, the book of Revelation contains more symbols than any other Bible book. Also prominent is the use of numbers. One number is more prominent than any other—the number seven—which is symbolic of completion.
The number seven is mentioned 54 times in the book of Revelation, and in this new resource, we will introduce you to each one of them. Understand the symbols and sevens in the book of Revelation as never before!
Request The Revelation Sevens handbook with your generous gift of any amount to the ministry of Turning Point.

The Revelation Sevens Booklet

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