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Turning Point's Launch 2022 Initiative

As 2022 approaches, we believe that God has much more in store. New opportunities to share His Word and celebrate as more lives are changed! You are invited to play a leading part in what God will do in 2022 by helping to finish this year in strength with a bold initiative to “Launch 2022”.

Launch 2022

God has called...

Turning Point to the task of delivering the unchanging Word of God to an ever-changing world. By His grace and with the generous support of friends like you, we are answering that call. More people than ever can find Christ every day through Turning Point, via television and radio and online channels.

Dr. Jeremiah has never had a greater sense of urgency about the importance of communicating the Word of God, pointing the lost to Christ, and strengthening believers’ faith in an increasingly complex world.

After this tumultuous year, we all have a renewed awareness of the unpredictability of life. God’s love is our strength—and you and I are amazingly privileged to share this message with a world in desperate need.

We must seize this God-given moment in time.

Our Turning Point family has a rich tradition of generosity at this time of year. Today, we hope you will participate in this tradition. It is important. We need to finish the year strong. If every friend of Turning Point does whatever they can, we will cross the line into 2022 at full power to the glory of God!

If you feel called...

to play a leading part in what God will do in 2022 by helping us finish this year in strength you will receive:

  • A four-pack of Turning Point’s exclusive 2022 devotional Every Day With Jesus. This giftable resource will help you take a few moments each day to pause—to shift your focus from everything that’s going on in the world and connect your heart with the heart of Jesus. Invite a few friends to open the Word with you, and let Dr. Jeremiah share words of wisdom with you every day of the new year through the new Turning Point devotional.
  • The Bible Recap: A One-Year Guide to Reading and Understanding the Entire Bible. This powerful Bible study tool offers a comprehensive overview of each book, organizing how the events of the Bible unfold verse-by-verse, and helping you to read the Bible in a new way.
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