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Agents of Babylon DVD Set

David Jeremiah explains the prophecies of Daniel and what they tell us about the end of days.

The spirit of the End Times, or "Babylon," is alive like never before.

Throughout history, Babylon has been a symbol of the world's worst evils—extreme decadence, infinite cruelty, ravenous power, and implacable contention against God. And nowhere in the Bible do we get a more vivid picture of the malevolent nature of Babylon than the book of Daniel.

Teeming with prophetic markers and visions—many of which have already been fulfilled—the parallels between the world described in Daniel and the world we are living in today are positively staggering.

Daniel's dark prophetic visions loom close on the horizon.

Discover what these prophecies mean for you with the Agents of Babylon set as your guide.

This powerful prophecy study set includes:

  1. Dr. David Jeremiah's book Agents of Babylon.
  2. Agents of Babylon correlating study guide (144 pages) with application questions, “Did You Know?” section, and study guide content from David Jeremiah.
  3. Twelve Agents of Babylon messages on audio CD or DVD.
  4. A Voice from Babylon bonus DVD containing the creative opens from each of the television episodes plus a spiritual application from David Jeremiah.
  5. The inspirational bookmark Stand Up!
Agents of Babylon DVD Set
Agents of Babylon DVD Set

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