Resolve to spend time in God's Word . . . every day of the year. You can do it! And I want to help.

– David Jeremiah

RESOLU'TION, noun: Fixed purpose or determination of mind; as a resolution to reform our lives; a resolution to undertake an expedition.1

Perhaps resolutions fail because they conflict with other "fixed purposes" in our lives.

We want to lose weight by joining the gym, but that sabotages our goal of balancing the budget. We want to earn a promotion at work, but that conflicts with our goal of spending more time with the kids. There is nothing inherently wrong with the goals; they simply aren’t compatible with each other.

Perhaps resolutions fail because they lack “determination of mind.” We hope to lose weight, but we don’t hope to change our eating and exercise habits. We hope to balance our budgets, but we don’t hope to cut back on entertainment. Eating healthier and spending less are commendable goals, but we will never achieve them if we aren’t resolved to make the necessary sacrifices.

This year, set a goal that is supremely important and sublimely achievable. Resolve to spend time in God’s Word . . . every day of the year. You can do it! And I want to help.

I’d like to send you Turning Point’s 2019 Resolution Resource Set as a token of my appreciation for your generous gift of $60 or more.

The 2019 Resolution Resource Set includes:

In Moments Like These 365-day devotional—your key to success as it guides you into God’s Word, each day of the year, with scriptural interpretation, insights, and inspiration. This resource is packed with applicable truth yet is compact enough to carry when you are on-the-go.

Wonderfully Made 2019 calendar—an on-going reminder to schedule time with God as you schedule other activities throughout the year. It includes a daily reading plan for reading through the Bible in a year, passages from Psalms, and magnificent images of God’s creation.



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New for 2019 | 365-Day Devotional
Enjoy a Renewed Sense of God's Presence

In Moments Like These

In Moments Like These 365-Day Devotional

This colorful devotional contains biblical truth from Dr. Jeremiah for every day of the year, plus Scripture to encourage you in your walk and give you a renewed sense of God’s presence. Fulfill your resolution as you discover more opportunities to worship God and rejoice in every moment throughout the year!

In Moments Like These 365-Day Devotional


  • 365 daily devotionals
  • Scripture references for each day
  • Insights from David Jeremiah
  • Compact Size: 5.25” by 7.25”
  • Soft leather, navy-and-silver cover with blue ribbon
  • Easy to read and use
  • Full Color

As you begin your daily journey into Bible study in the coming year, thank God for the moments we have to live for Him and learn more about His amazing love for us. Take time to read the Scripture and pray that God will open your eyes of understanding as you read. Apply the truths found in each devotional and Scripture for that day to your life. Having the Word of God in your heart and mind will give you a renewed sense of His presence as you go throughout your day. You will discover even more opportunities to worship Him and to rejoice in what He provided for you—In Moments Like These.



2019 Wonderfully Made Calendar


A Turning Point Exclusive

Calendar features include:

  • Daily plan to read through the Bible in a year
  • Scriptures from the Psalms
  • Magnificent images of God's creation
  • Notation of special holidays
  • 2018 November and December holiday planning guide
  • Space to jot down appointments, birthdays, or special events

Schedule time with God each day of 2018, praising Him for His creation!