You’re invited to be a part of our live studio audience

Starting June 26, join us in San Diego to be a part of the live studio audience for Dr. David Jeremiah’s new Bible prophecy series recording. 

The events of the past year or so have raised a number of questions. As we wrestle with the implications of COVID-19, cancel culture, unrest in the Middle East, economic turmoil, and political currents of socialistic globalism, the fundamental question underlying all others is this: 

Where do we go from here?

Dr. David Jeremiah has long taught that prophetic events cast a shadow before them. But never in our lifetime have world events aligned so closely with end-time prophecies. 


In his upcoming series, Dr. Jeremiah will search the Scriptures in light of recent events to help us make sense of the turmoil in our world. Topics include:

    •  A Biological Prophecy—Pandemic
    •  A Theological Prophecy—The Falling Away
    •  An International Prophecy—Globalism
    •  A Cultural Prophecy—Socialism
    •  A Financial Prophecy—Economic Chaos
    •  A Biographical Prophecy—End Times People
    •  A Political Prophecy—Cancel Culture 
    •  A Spiritual Prophecy—Spiritual Famine
    •  A Geographical Prophecy—Jerusalem 
    •  The Triumph of the Gospel

From his home pulpit at Shadow Mountain Community Church, Dr. Jeremiah will present most of the messages on weekday evenings. This schedule will allow local attendees to join us after work, and out-of-town guests can take in the sights of San Diego before joining us in the evening. 


Note: Due to the dynamic nature of our production schedule, we will not be publishing a detailed schedule of topics, but please refer to the calendar below for dates and times. 


Attendance is free! You are welcome to participate in as many or as few sessions as you would like. There is no need to sign up, but we would love for you to join our Bible Prophecy Series Recording event on Facebook. This will help us plan for your visit and share event updates with you. 

Tentative Session Dates & Times

Due to the dynamic nature of our production schedule, we will not be publishing a detailed schedule of topics.

Date Session
Saturday, June 26 at 5pm One
Sunday, June 27 at 9am One
Wednesday, June 30 at 6pm
(Interview with Sheila Walsh)
Thursday, July 1 at 6pm Two
Friday, July 2 at 6pm Three*
Wednesday, July 7 at 6pm Four
Thursday, July 8 at 6pm Five
Friday, July 9 at 6pm Six
Date Session
Saturday, July 10 at 5pm Seven
Sunday, July 11 at 9am Seven
Saturday, July 17 at 5pm Eight
Sunday, July 18 at 9am Eight
Saturday, July 24 at 5pm Nine
Sunday, July 25 at 9am Nine
Saturday, July 31 at 5pm Ten
Sunday, August 1 at 9am Ten
* There will be no Bible Prophecy Series Recording sessions on July 3 or 4. However, Shadow Mountain Community Church will be celebrating Independence Day with special God & Country services. If you will be in town, you are invited to join in the festivities.

Location: Shadow Mountain Community Church



Will we see you there?

Join the Bible Prophecy Recording Sessions event on Facebook for updates!

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