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Test Your Knowledge! Heaven Quiz #5

Test Your Knowledge! Heaven Quiz #5

Answer each of the 5 questions below and get your score at the end!

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When will New Jerusalem descend to earth from heaven?

A. At the Rapture

B. At the start of the Millennium

C. At the end of the Millennium

D. Never, it always remains in heaven

The correct answer is C. At the end of the Millennium.

What are the twelve pearly gates made of?

A. Millions of pearls

B. 12 pearls each

C. Pearls and emeralds

D. 1 pearl each

The correct answer is D. 1 pearl each.

Which of these things will pass away?

A. The first heaven

B. The first earth

C. The sea

D. All the above

The correct answer is D. All the above.

How many trees of life will line the river of life in New Jerusalem?





The correct answer is 12.

In Revelation 21:3, the New Jerusalem is referred to as the "______________."

A. Tabernacle of God

B. City without pain

C. Eternal city

D. Throne of God

The correct answer is A. Tabernacle of God.

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