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Date of First Television Broadcast: December 8th, 2019

Date of First Radio Broadcast: December 9th, 2019

Daily Radio Program Releases: 79

Weekly Television Program Releases: 2

Get involved

  1. Pray for God to open new avenues to share the Gospel in Indonesia effectively.
  2. Pray for persecuted brothers and sisters in Indonesia that God would encourage their hearts and give them boldness to stand firm in their faith.
  3. Pray our mobile app can be discovered and utilized by Bahasa speakers the world over.

impact story

“I have two sons who live in Jakarta with their families. I live alone as my wife has long been called by God to Heaven. In solitude, I learned to always rely on God. I exist because of God's mercy. I have no income, but God's providence is always real in my life. When I have nothing to eat, suddenly, someone will bring me food. I am touched because God is so good in my life. I am also grateful to Heartline Radio for always praying with me faithfully, delivering food, and especially for the programs they air of Dr. David Jeremiah’s teachings. His teachings strengthen me in my faith.”


Mr. Yohanes—Jakarta, Indonesia

Your Greatest Turning Point

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Turning Point began reaching Indonesia, The World's largest Muslim country, through both radio and television in 2019. Over 87% of its population claims Islam as their religion! The influence of Islam has led to heavy censorship of Christian content in the country with some areas completely restricting any Christian messaging, especially during Islamic religious festivals.

Our partnership with a local entity who has been in operation there for more than 50 years has allowed us to navigate the many difficulties of broadcasting Christian content in a predominantly Muslim nation. We know that God is going to use Turning Point’s programs to bring many to the saving knowledge of Himself. We encourage you to pray fervently for the salvation of many.

Bahasa Indonesia
Bahasa Indonesia

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