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Spanish by the numbers

Date of First Broadcast: January 1, 2001

Daily Spanish E-Devotional Subscribers: 4,965

Daily Spanish Radio Program Releases: 333

Momento Decisivo Facebook Likes: 17,645

Spanish App Downloads: 30,104

Spanish Your Greatest Turning Point New Believer Kits Requested: 8,692

Get involved

  1. Pray for God’s direction as we look for more opportunities to make Momento Decisivo heard wherever Spanish is spoken.
  2. Pray that additional books, including The Jeremiah Study Bible and Airship Genesis Kids Study Bible, will also be translated and published in Spanish.
  3. Pray we are able to find the right people to help meet the staffing needs we have at Momento Decisivo.

impact story

“You cannot imagine how grateful I am for your daily teachings. I have been a believer now for 12 years. During this time, I have been through many difficult circumstances, doubts, and challenges. Your radio program has helped me to keep my faith secure in Christ; you have encouraged me and answered many questions through your teachings. I know on Fridays you encourage us to attend a local church. I was without a church for 6 months, and your daily teachings were all I had. Your study on Galatians gave me discernment to find a new church. Your study on angels strengthened me and gave me peace when my father died. I believe your topics always arrive just at the right time in my life. Thank you for your ministry. I pray God continues to strengthen you and give you passion to teach.”



Turning Point’s Spanish Ministry, Momento Decisivo, celebrated its sixteenth anniversary early in 2017. Our Spanish programs can now be heard in every Spanish speaking country on a total of 240 unique stations, more than 333 times each day. Last year, Momento Decisivo launched its equivalent to our English one-minute Route 66 radio program called “Su Minuto en la Biblia con el Dr. David Jeremiah.” This one-minute program now also airs on 155 stations across the world.