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Date of First Broadcast: March 2, 2009

Daily E-Devotional Subscribers: 189

Weekly Television Program Releases: 22

Monthly Devotional Magazine Subscribers: 11

Arabic Your Greatest Turning Point New Believer Kits Requested: 1,691

Farsi Your Greatest Turning Point New Believer Kits Requested: 596

Get involved

  1. Pray for the people of Israel, God’s chosen people.
  2. Pray God provides additional funding to broaden our outreach to the Middle East in both Arabic and Farsi through resources such as printed books and mobile apps.
  3. Pray for Christians in the Middle East who take significant risks in hostile environments to stay true to the faith.

impact story

“I was devastated by my father's sudden death. I could not believe he left us, and my heart was filled with fear and depression. I later remembered that he used to watch The Kingdom SAT and enjoyed the channel's programs. So, I decided to do the same. I began to watch your programs, especially Pastor David Jeremiah. Hope began to rise inside me and I regained my trust in God. I bought a Bible and started reading. I surrendered my life to Jesus and asked for Him to forgive me.”

Ama — Syria

Your Greatest Turning Point

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Turning Point’s broadcasts in the Middle East, unlike most other areas of the world, started with television and not radio. Every week, people all across the Middle East can view our English programs via satellite. People in Israel can watch a version of our program with Arabic subtitles on Israel’s METV channel. People in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan can see our program in Farsi on Mohabat TV. And Arabic speakers can tune in five days a week to view our program in Arabic on THE KINGDOM SAT. The stories we hear from viewers in this region are nothing short of amazing, and as current events continue to get more hectic, we rejoice that many are turning to Christ.

Middle East

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Middle East

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