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India by the numbers

Date of First Broadcast: January 2, 2012

Daily E-Devotional Subscribers: 522

Daily Radio Program Releases: 2

Monthly Devotional Magazine Subscribers: 33

Direct Radio Responses: 14,986

Punjabi Your Greatest Turning Point New Believer Kits Requested: 2,100

Hindi Your Greatest Turning Point New Believer Kits Requested: 1,000

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  1. Many of the responses we’ve received from India include stories of listeners who are the first Christians in their entire family. Please pray for strength and boldness for Christians in India who face persecution even from family and friends.
  2. Pray Turning Point can find additional radio and television opportunities in Punjabi, Hindi, and English across India.
  3. Out of India’s 1.2 billion people, only 3 percent (or roughly 25 million) are Christian. Eighty-one percent are Hindu and 13 percent are Muslim. Pray Turning Point’s broadcasts in India reach many Indians for Christ.

impact story

“I come from a non-Christian background. I live in a village where there is no church. The nearest church is very far from my village and it is not possible to go every Sunday because conveyance is very costly and we cannot afford to go there every week. On Sundays we used to randomly take out a bible passage and read it and pray together. Our hunger and thirst for the word of God was not being fulfilled but I thank God for Disha Parivartan (Turning Point’s Hindi and Punjabi program). Through this program I can understand the word of God as it should be. Our regret for not going to church every week is now over because through this radio program we are getting our daily manna and strength. I am a regular listener of this program and I like it very much. Now I also share the gospel with my villagers. My heart is filled with thanks and gratitude for my Lord. I have experienced my Father's love and care day by day and only His love motivates me to share His love to others.”


Santosh-Uttar Pradesh

One of the hardest decisions we have to make at Turning Point each year is which language to expand our broadcasts into next. We humbly receive dozens of requests each month for resources in languages spoken all across the world, but we simply do not have the funding or staff available to do everything at once. India has more than 1.2 billion people, 35 million of whom speak Punjabi, 500 million of whom speak Hindi, and 125 million of whom speak English. Turning Point first began broadcasting on radio each weekday in Punjabi to both Pakistan and India in 2012. Since that time, we have received well more than 12,000 responses and countless stories of lives being changed. In 2016, we decided to launch a similar broadcast in Hindi and we received over 3,000 responses to the program just in the first year.


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