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Turning Point

A Look Into Heaven

Broadcast Date: 5/1/2016

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The Seven Churches of Revelation
Dr. David Jeremiah

“A Look Into Heaven”
Selected Scripture
May 1, 2016

  1. The Church’s Exit from Earth
    1. The Sequence of Events in the Book of Revelation
    2. The Silence Concerning the Church in Chapters 4-19
    3. The Spirit of God’s Transfer from Earth to Heaven
    4. The Similarities Between Revelation 4:1-2, I Corinthians 15, and I
    5. Thessalonians 4
      1. A Voice
      2. A Trumpet
      3. A Change
  2. The Church’s Existence in Heaven
    1. Seated Upon the Throne is the Triune God
    2. Surrounding the Throne is a Rainbow
    3. Sitting Around the Throne are the Twenty-four Elders
      1. By the Praise on Their Lips
      2. By the Clothes on Their Bodies
      3. By the Crowns Upon Their Heads
    4. Sounding Forth from the Throne are Lightenings and Thunders and Voices
    5. Spread Before the Throne is a Sea of Glass
    6. Situated in the Midst of the Throne are the Four Living Creatures
    7. Singing to the One on the Throne are the Creatures and the Elders
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