Brand New!

One for you, and three to share

Brand New! One for you, and three to share

Discover your greater purpose in 2018!
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How To Study the Bible

How To Study the Bible

Here's how you can rightly understand God's Word

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2018 Exclusive Calendar

Follow God’s plan every day of 2018, purposely planning in His name.
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New From Dr. David Jeremiah

Greater Purpose 365-Day Leather Devotional

From the moment of our conception, God had a plan for our lives. Each of us is uniquely created and gifted to fulfill a special purpose in this world. No one else has the exact same calling to fulfill. Sadly, some people look for purpose and meaning in personal possessions or pursuits, but God’s plan fills the void in our lives that nothing else can adequately fill.

When we are engaged in the purpose God has called us to, we have joy in the morning and anticipation for the next day when we close our eyes at night.

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As seen on turning point television

The Amazing Interview

Aired: Sep 10, 2017

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A Greater Purpose for Your Family

Greater Purpose Family Set

Live with purpose...

every day of the year!

God has a plan for you...He has mapped out unique objectives for you.

In the coming year, you (and your kids or grandkids) can meditate on the Word every day, looking to the Lord to reveal His greater purpose in your life!

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Becoming a Christ follower

God has a perfect plan for your life. Request a complimentary copy of Your Greatest Turning Point.