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September 27, 2016

The Courage of Conviction (Pt. 2)

Standing up for what you know is right, when you’re the only one in the crowd to do so, takes the kind of courage the Apostle Paul would applaud. Dr. David Jeremiah reveals more courageous moments from Paul’s ministry as shared in the twenty-first chapter of Acts.

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12 Remarkable
Scriptures for Daily Strength

Pastor Robert Morgan leads a busy life as a pastor and a multitasking caregiver to his disabled wife. Most days he feels exhausted, yet over time God has shown him how to build himself up when he’s worn himself out.

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Biblical Strategies for Strength When You Need it Most

Everyone will encounter fear, loneliness, frustration, confusion, disappointment, and weakness in life. But only those with the courage from God – the Courage to Conquer – will be victorious.

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Early to bed...
Early to rise...

Are you an early riser? Aristotle
said, “It is wise to be up before daybreak, for such habits...

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The Strength You Need

The secret of President Cleveland’s energy is found in the motto he lived by. It was a biblical promise, which he framed and hung directly over his bed so he could see it every night on retiring and every morning when awakening.
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